Most advanced calendar for busy professionals, with tasks & notes

Routine is on a mission to help extremely busy people stay on top of things. CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, senior executive and general managers evolve in a very chaotic environment with hundreds of emails, chat messages, things going through their mind and important tasks that must be completed in time. Even though a lot of tools exist, from email clients, todo and note taking apps all the way to project management platforms and physical notebooks, none of them seem to work when it comes to having an overall picture of what matters at the moment. Routine is a personal productivity desktop/mobile app that is always at the user's fingertips through a single keyboard shortcut. It allows busy people to quickly capture thoughts, secure time in their calendar to work on important tasks, schedule meetings, take notes but also quickly glance at their calendar to know when is their next meeting. Routine has been created in 2020 by Julien Quintard and Quentin Hocquet, serial entrepreneurs who previously founded Infinit which they sold to [Docker](http://www.docker.com) in 2016.

Jobs at Routine

Paris, France / Remote (US)
$80K - $150K
0.20% - 1.00%
6+ years
Paris, IDF, FR
$70K - $120K
0.20% - 1.00%
3+ years
Team Size:8
Location:Paris, France
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Julien Quintard

Former researcher/lecturer (University of Cambridge), investor (business angel & Techstars) and entrepreneur (Infinit, Routine).

Julien Quintard
Julien Quintard

Quentin Hocquet

Quentin Hocquet
Quentin Hocquet

Company Launches

⏩ tl;dr

Routine iOS is available!

⛰️ Problem

Busy professionals waste a lot of time juggling between many apps to manage their work: tasks, calendars, notes, contacts, projects etc.

  • Many use Apple Notes for taking notes, which then must later be copied & organized in a team knowledge base (e.g Notion).
  • Other use a task manager (e.g Todoist) to quickly create tasks instead of creating a ticket in the collaborative platform (e.g Asana)
  • Meetings notes are rarely taken because it is too much of a hassle. And if done, one must then manually create tickets to represent the meeting’s action items
  • And calendars do not allow to overview, prioritize and plan work even though they are the prime representation of time
  • … and so on and so forth

📱 Solution

Routine is an all-in-one productivity app which brings your work from third-party services (email, chat, project management etc.) next to your calendar to better overview, prioritize and plan.

With Routine, calendars, tasks, notes & contacts are connected for information you create to be organized and linked to time.

Give it a try here!

Hope you like it.