Hona: Less time with charts. More connected patients.

Hona gathers and converts medical histories into actionable insights

Healthcare’s Growing Information Overload Problem

Recent regulations have enabled electronic health record systems to communicate more effectively. However, healthcare providers are not adequately equipped to manage the substantial influx of unstructured data resulting from this enhanced interoperability.

The average patient record is now the equivalent of half the size of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet,' and providers often see more than 20 patients per day. For each patient, these providers find themselves contacting other organizations to obtain the patient’s complete history. Then, they must sift through numerous pages of raw PDFs to locate critical, relevant information — similar to finding a needle in a haystack. This process creates an enormous cognitive burden, leading to burnout, missed revenue opportunities, and, most critically, uninformed care.

Hona is transforming the complexity of healthcare data into something radically simple

Hona integrates with electronic health record systems to collect and condense medical histories, enabling providers to fully understand their patients by finding data previously lost in mountains of charts. It searches nationwide for patient data based on providers' schedules, condensing notes, lab results, and more into specialty-specific clinical summaries with links to original sources. Hona then converts its clinical summaries into value-based care metrics, risk scores, and quality measures for practice-level insights.

Founding Team

Hona was founded by ex-biomedical engineers seeking to return to their roots. Drawing from our experience in early-stage startups and launching AI products for millions of users in big tech, we ventured back into healthcare. We are addressing a critical issue: the complexity of healthcare data, which has not just hurt providers within our families and networks, but also us in our roles as patients.

Call to Action

If you know anyone in a provider organization who is looking to make sense of their data to increase revenue and automate visit prep, please reach out to tech@hona.ai.


Site: https://hona.ai/

Press: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/particle-health-hona-partner-empower-150000610.html