Flike - AI Sales Co-Pilot

Replicate your winning emails. Personalized & Relevant!

TLDR: Flike learns from your Gmail emails to figure out the relevancy, personalization, and tone of your winning sales messages. Use Flike for cold outbound, event-based responses and dynamic follow-ups. It works where you work and supports generating messages directly in your Gmail and LinkedIn.

Relevancy gets you the deal

Flike’s relevancy engine analyzes 1,000+ data points per prospect to evaluate whether including them will make the prospect more likely to reply. The data points are collected from:

  • LinkedIn, Crunchbase, X & G2
  • Your previous conversations on Gmail & LinkedIn
  • Additional first-party data like CRM activity and prospect intentions are available in the growth and enterprise plan


  • Cold Outbound, leveraging your best-performing winners
  • Dynamically suggests a follow-up message whenever any new activity from the prospect is detected
  • Event-based responses including addressing a competitor, timing is off & not interested

Integrating all your data sources

The more data sources that are connected the more impressive Flike AI becomes. In the free trial & pro plan you can connect your Gmail & LinkedIn. On the growth and enterprise plan, you can tap into your Outreach, Salesloft, Hubspot, and Salesforce data.

Get up & running in 2 minutes