Flike's AI crafts sales emails that convert

Flike trains AI models on your product marketing knowledge, enabling your sales team to generate relevant&hyper-personalized emails that are aligned with your brand voice throughout the entire sales funnel (from cold outbound to upselling). And we're already partnering with some of the largest YC companies.

Team Size:8
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Yannick Müller

"Failure is an option here. If you're not failing, you're not innovating enough" - Elon Musk Ask me about: - Machine Learning - Web Development - Ironman

Yannick Müller
Yannick Müller

Company Launches

TLDR: Flike learns from your Gmail emails to figure out the relevancy, personalization, and tone of your winning sales messages. Use Flike for cold outbound, event-based responses and dynamic follow-ups. It works where you work and supports generating messages directly in your Gmail and LinkedIn.

Relevancy gets you the deal

Flike’s relevancy engine analyzes 1,000+ data points per prospect to evaluate whether including them will make the prospect more likely to reply. The data points are collected from:

  • LinkedIn, Crunchbase, X & G2
  • Your previous conversations on Gmail & LinkedIn
  • Additional first-party data like CRM activity and prospect intentions are available in the growth and enterprise plan


  • Cold Outbound, leveraging your best-performing winners
  • Dynamically suggests a follow-up message whenever any new activity from the prospect is detected
  • Event-based responses including addressing a competitor, timing is off & not interested

Integrating all your data sources

The more data sources that are connected the more impressive Flike AI becomes. In the free trial & pro plan you can connect your Gmail & LinkedIn. On the growth and enterprise plan, you can tap into your Outreach, Salesloft, Hubspot, and Salesforce data.

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