Magic Patterns

Magic Patterns - AI copilot for user interfaces

Get design inspiration and generate frontend code from a simple text prompt.

tldr; Magic Patterns helps engineers and designers create user interfaces from a text prompt, image, or Figma mockup. We connect to your custom UI libraries through Figma, Storybook, or Github, so that the generated code uses your themes and components.

10,000+ developers and designers have used our beta so far and revenue on our individual plan is growing 34% MoM 📈. Start building today.


Demo Video - Generate UI from your Custom Design System


  1. Getting design inspiration is hard — most people today use websites like Mobbin and Dribbble, but these tools don’t know what your specific product looks like. You need inspiration that actually looks like what you’re building.
  2. AI code assistants are not visual, but building UI is.


Connect your frontend context through Github, Storybook, or Figma and start prompting in our visual editor. Or you can choose a publicly available design system for free.

We use AI models to help non-technical founders, designers, and engineers speed up time to market.


Take our existing customer, Outerbase, for example:

  • Designers use Magic Patterns to generate multiple design variations
  • Engineers use Magic Patterns to generate production-ready code

And it uses their custom themes and components. It’s AI output, that’s actually helpful!


We’re Alex and Teddy, two technical founders who have been building products for 10 years together. Here’s us on Alex’s wedding day, where Teddy gave the best man speech about being a “work husband.” (Alex’s wife found it very funny.)


  1. Try us for free: www.magicpatterns.com
  2. Want to ship faster? Upgrade at $19/mo for unlimited private generations. You’ll join a community of startups and large companies that are using Magic Patterns today.
  3. Custom libraries? Chat with sales (a.k.a us – the founders!) if you’re interested in using your company’s component library or specific theming: calendar link or alex@magicpatterns.com