🚀 DryMerge: Automate work with plain English

Describe your frustrating or repetitive workflow and get an automated solution in seconds.

TL;DR: DryMerge lets you automate workflows with plain English. Some interesting examples…

  • “Whenever I get an email from a potential customer, add them to HubSpot and send me a text”
  • “Summarize the conversation I had with Sam on Slack and email it over to Henry.”
  • “Whenever I finish a Google Meet with a client, update the call notes and next steps in Salesforce.”

Try us out here for free! Get in touch at founders@drymerge.com.

Our Goal

We want to help knowledge workers take back the 5 weeks a year they spend switching between tools and handling repetitive tasks. We do this by letting you make automations in a chat, with plain simple language. Here’s how it works.

  • After you say what you want to automate, DryMerge makes a plan, breaks the task up into simple steps, and, if needed, makes the automation automatically respond to events.
  • DryMerge integrates with tools like Slack, Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Meet, SMS, HubSpot, Salesforce, Notion, and GitHub to automate work across tools. We’re adding more integrations fast!
  • DryMerge knows about your team so you can say things like “Text Julie a summary of my recent conversation with John on Slack” and watch it actually happen.


There are many automation platforms out there, but we’re the first to take “plain English” seriously. Sam and I (Edward) hate struggling with deceptively complicated no-code builders and fidgeting with flaky scripts. We want to build a product that makes powerful software extremely easy to use for people who find working with today's automation tools challenging.

We think the best way to do that is by letting people use their software with plain language.

We’ve known each other since 4th grade and worked at places like Stripe, Hive, Facebook, and AWS. We’re so excited to launch this product and help you automate!

If you’d like to try us out, please do here! We’re also available at founders@drymerge.com or to meet here.