Automate work with natural language.

We're making a platform that lets people automate repetitive processes with plain language. Say you want a reminder whenever a coworker emails you. Instead of using prebuilt blocks or writing code, just tell DryMerge "Whenever John sends me an email, shoot me a slack message reminding me to respond" and watch it happen.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Edward Frazer

Making DryMerge (W24) to automate work with words. Previously @ Stripe & Meta; studied at Yale.

Edward Frazer
Edward Frazer

Samuel Brashears

CTO DryMerge, formerly Cerebras Systems and Hive AI.

Samuel Brashears
Samuel Brashears

Company Launches

TL;DR: DryMerge leverages AI to write event-driven workflows composed of your own functions, tools, and external APIs. We solve pain points other solutions have left untouched.

  • Event-driven workflows: set up custom triggers to kick off workflows for events you care about, without having to manage the infra yourself.
  • Multi-tenancy: kick off code when your customers get emails, slack messages, or really any event.
  • Native codebase integration: link existing functions in any language into workflows directly.
  • Natural language interface: use AI to write workflows as config — no more drag and dropping or toiling away in SDKs.

Hey everyone! We’re Edward and Sam from DryMerge. Having worked as engineers and founders, we’ve struggled with needlessly frustrating engineering problems and repetitive operational processes that require coordination between tons of SaaS tools and internal infrastructure. We’re building DryMerge to make building solutions for this stuff as easy as explaining the problem. If this already sounds interesting, let’s chat here!

Use Cases

DryMerge lets you build automations for yourself and your customers.

  • Multi-Tenant Data Syncs: Sync client data from your customers’ tools into your data stores, irrespective of your internal architecture.
  • Programmatically Create Triggers: Set up triggers for a wide range of events (including those that don’t support webhooks), from GitHub PRs to database updates, with conditions tailored to your needs.
  • Automated Operational Processes: Automate tasks like data entry and report generation, triggered by events like new emails or Slack messages.
  • Long-Running Jobs for Serverless: Manage state for your serverless setup with 1-second granularity cron jobs and robust microservice orchestration.

How It Works:

At its core, our engine takes in YAML-based configuration and uses that to orchestrate SaaS tools, internal functions, and APIs. We made our config really expressive and thus our engine really powerful. Our thesis is that config was tough because it used to be hard to learn & write, but that LLMs make using it as easy as a conversation with a coworker. Here’s some of the core functionality.

  • Long Running Jobs: Configure cloud-hosted triggers and cron jobs as background jobs that can respond to events in real time or on a schedule.
  • Durable concurrent workflows: Model workflows as dependency graphs for built-in concurrency and visibility, and get granular error handling with retries, backoff, or custom paths for errors.
  • AI-Enabled UX: Have LLMs write the config so you can focus on high level ideas and save time vs tedious drag-and-dropping or writing it all yourself.
  • Complete visibility: Identify problems with metric-based dashboards, and quickly debug them with visual log replays for in-depth analysis.

Our Offer:

  • White-glove onboarding: we want to add value and automate workflows. We’ll work with you full-time to get that done.
  • 10 million runs per month included with our base plan.
  • 1 month free; we’re happy to give more as you try it out and integrate with your systems.
  • Book a meeting for a demo if you see a use case or if you just want to chat about DryMerge.

Our Ask:

  • If you’re technical and are dealing with a use case where you need to ingest tons of data on a near-real-time basis, we’d love to chat to learn about your problem and see if we can add value here.
  • Connect us to enterprises dealing with time-consuming operational workflows they want to automate: email us at founders@drymerge.com.
  • Rant about your problems with existing workflow engines with us here, we want to deliver the best user experience so we’d love to hear about what hurts today.