Apriora - Your AI interviewer to identify the best candidates faster

Reduce recruiting overhead, interview more candidates, and make better hiring decisions.


Apriora AI interviews job candidates in real time. Companies using Apriora reduce recruiting overhead, interview more candidates, and make better hiring decisions. For candidates, we provide an equitable, interactive interviewing experience.

📸 Intro

Hey all! We’re Aaron Wang and John Rytel from Apriora.

 The problem

Interview processes are slow and expensive. Companies spend over $5,000 per hire, most of which is time spent by internal recruiting teams and hiring managers interviewing candidates, and the average length for an interview process is ~30 days.

Existing video interviewing platforms were built to solve this for companies, but their one-way interfaces and cookie-cutter questions create a disappointing candidate experience, resulting in low completion rates and a limited hiring signal.

How can we offer companies the efficiency of interview automation while providing candidates with a personalized, conversational interview experience?

🚀 The solution

Our AI interviewer conducts real-time video interviews with candidates, including technical screens, phone screens, system design, coding, behavioral, and more.

Unlike interviewing your candidates manually or with an automated assessment, Apriora is:

  • Convenient: Your AI interviewer is ready to interview candidates 24/7 with unlimited capacity.
  • Candidate First: Over 90% of scheduled candidates complete their interviews with an average candidate experience rating of 4.5/5.
  • Reliable: Data-driven feedback after each interview is customized to your hiring goals so you can feel confident that you’re moving forward with the right candidates.
  • Robust: Apriora’s fairness system flags cheating based on multi-modal data, so you can trust your interviewer’s feedback.
  • Accessible: One-click integration with your ATS so you don’t need to change your workflow.

Check out a full interview at apriora.ai/demo

🙏 Ask: How you can help

  1. Who do you know in recruiting or talent acquisition? We want to learn more about their work and help them! Reach out to founders@apriora.ai.
  2. Who do you know that’s hiring and could benefit from AI interviewing? Reach out to founders@apriora.ai.

The blurb: “My friends are working on a YC company building AI interviewers that conduct real-time video interviews. I think this could be relevant to you, so feel free to check them out and contact founders@apriora.ai for more.”

🤝 The Deal

Sign up before Demo Day to get started with our YC Deal. Reach out to founders@apriora.ai to set up your custom interviewer.

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