Announcing the Y Combinator Podcast

by Craig Cannon5/17/2017

Our new podcast is live.

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And you can watch them on:

1 – Hiring Engineers with Ammon Bartram
Ammon Bartram is the cofounder of Triplebyte (YC S15) and Socialcam (YC W12). Triplebyte connects software engineers with companies that are hiring.

2 – Network Effects with Anu Hariharan
Anu Hariharan is a Partner at YC Continuity which is an investment fund dedicated to supporting founders as they scale their companies.

3 – The Technical Advisor for Silicon Valley on HBO – Ed McManus
Ed McManus was the technical advisor for season three of Silicon Valley on HBO. He came in to talk about what his experience working on the show.

4 – Elon Musk on How to Build the Future
Sam Altman interviews Elon Musk for a series called How To Build The Future, which you can watch on YC’s YouTube channel.

5 – An AI Primer with Wojciech Zaremba
Wojciech Zaremba is a cofounder of OpenAI. OpenAI is a non-profit AI research company, focused on discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence.


  • Craig Cannon

    Craig is the Director of Content at YC.