appCanary (YC S15) Makes Sure Your Company Is Safe From Security Vulnerabilities

by Alexis Ohanian8/17/2015

With each day come multiple new zero-days, or potential software security exploits, putting companies running even slightly out-of-date software perpetually at the risk of being hacked. But keeping on top of the latest security vulnerabilities is a full-time job that can take up valuable engineering resources. And many companies, especially startups, don’t have those kinds of resources or headcount to spare.

appCanary is a company launching out of our current Summer 2015 class that can help with all that. Founded by former security consultants Phillip

Mendonça-Vieira and Max Veytsman, appCanary has built a service to allow operations teams of all sizes to make intelligent decisions about how to secure their infrastructure and the threats that affect them, without having to constantly monitor the ever-expanding infosec landscape themselves.

To start using appCanary, a company simply has to install appCanary’s agent on their servers, a process which takes just a few minutes. appCanary then assesses all of the company’s software inventories, and keeps running tabs on all of the latest security vulnerabilities that could impact the company’s software infrastructure. appCanary provides real-time notifications to let the company know whenever its infrastructure might be vulnerable.

appCanary’s pricing starts at $29 per month for companies with up to five servers, and increases on a sliding scale based on the number of servers a company has to monitor. More than 40 companies are currently using appCanary in its pilot program, many of them growing tech companies and startups. “appCanary is for anyone who is writing lots of custom software available on the Internet,” Veytsman says. 

Read more about appCanary here.


  • Alexis Ohanian