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Meet the YC Winter 2022 Batch

by Michael Seibel3/29/2022

For the Winter 2022 batch, we received 17,000 applications from founders around the world and funded 414. Today, these founders will present their companies to an invite-only audience of investors at Y Combinator’s 34th Demo Day.

Congrats to Rigetti Computing (YC S14) on going public!

by Geoff Ralston3/9/2022

Congratulations to Chad and to all of the folks at Rigetti who have worked so hard to get to this point. There’s a ton of quantum distance still to go, but no company and no team is better positioned to make that journey.

More Ways to Support Ukraine

by Geoff Ralston3/8/2022

Join us and our alum in bringing aid to Ukraine and help spread the word.

Y Combinator Top Companies - February 2022

by Y Combinator2/28/2022

We’re excited to share the 2022 YC Top Companies. In addition to the list of top companies, we’ve also launched the YC Breakthrough List to highlight the fast-growing companies that have received between $15M-$300M from YC.

YC W22 Virtual Demo Day

by Michael Seibel2/11/2022

On the morning of March 29th and 30th, 2022, YC will host our 34th Demo Day live on Zoom. This two day event will feature founders from 43 countries and startups in every sector.

Discover Black-founded companies

by Y Combinator2/1/2022

Today, we updated the YC directory dedicated to highlighting Black-founded companies. Whether you’re an investor, job seeker, or potential customer, we hope you explore the directory and use it as a resource when seeking to support Black-founded startups.

YC's Spring Tour 2022

by Tamanna Khemani1/28/2022

We are excited to announce our 2022 Spring Outreach Tour. If you are starting a startup or have questions about YC, we want to meet you. We believe that talent is worldwide and look forward to seeing our community of founders grow.