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Welcome back to YC, Emmett Shear and Wayne Crosby

by Aaron Epstein5/11/2023

Today, we’re excited to welcome Emmett Shear and Wayne Crosby as our newest Visiting Group Partners.

Announcing the YC Summer Conference – for students interested in startups

by Y Combinator4/12/2023

If you want to learn more about what it takes to start a startup – or how to get a job at one – join us for a one-day event in Mountain View, CA!

Meet the YC Winter 2023 Batch

by Michael Seibel4/5/2023

Today, we're kicking off our 36th Demo Day — featuring founders from over 250 startups, building across a variety of verticals including B2B/enterprise, fintech, healthcare, consumer, climate, and more.

YC Meetup on Building Open Source Software Startups

by Y Combinator3/16/2023

We're hosting a meetup for Open Source Software startups! YC has funded over 75 OSS companies to date and we’re especially excited about them. If you’re interested in starting one someday, join us to connect & learn with other founders in the space.

Changes at YC

by Garry Tan3/13/2023

In recent years, we have also done some late stage investing. But late stage investing turned out to be so different from early stage that we found it to be a distraction from our core mission. So we’re going to decrease the amount of late stage investing we do.

Surbhi Sarna's new book on entrepreneurship

by Jared Friedman3/7/2023

YC Group Partner Surbhi Sarna has written a book called Without a Doubt, and today it goes on sale.Without a Doubt tells the incredible story of Surbhi Sarna's company, nVisionMedical, which started with a health scare when she was 13 and ended 20 yearslater in a $275M acquisition. It's a must-read for anyone interested inhealthcare.

Congratulations to the 2023 YC Top Companies!

by Y Combinator2/27/2023

There are now 16 public YC companies, 290 private YC companies and 33 exits that are valued at over $150M, and over 80 that are worth more than $1B.