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How Meadow Is Building a Company (and Community) Around Cannabis

by Alexis Ohanian4/7/2016

Meadow, which has been described in the press as the “Uber for cannabis,”connects consumers with doctors that provide medical marijuana prescriptionsover video chat, and then connects them to a local dispensary that provides homedelivery.On the heels of the news that Meadow has raised $2.

Goodybag (YC W16) Simplifies Catering for Enterprises

by Alexis Ohanian3/29/2016

Anyone who has used a catering service for meetings or corporate gatherings canexplain howfrustrating the entire process is. What seems like a simple task actuallyinvolves searching through various vendors, determining dietaryrestrictions, planning logistics, and invoicing the order.Goodybag is a company launching out of our Winter2016class that streamlines the corporate meal-ordering process.

OctaveWealth (YC S12) is a Full Service 401(k) for SMBs

by Alexis Ohanian3/28/2016

Administering 401(k) plans can be quite confusing for small and medium sizedenterprises, which still use paper-based solutions. Online 401(k) providersintegrate with digital payroll but fail to provide investment expertise.Companies then have to rely on additional third-party providers for investmentmanagement and record keeping. These providers often tack on additional feesthat range from 0.30% to 1% of assets.

Boom (YC W16) is Building an Affordable Supersonic Aircraft

by Alexis Ohanian3/22/2016

Boom is a company launching out of our Winter 2016 classthat is building a 40-seat supersonic plane for business travel. The currentprototype has a maximum speed of Mach 2.2, making it the fastest passengeraircraft.

Perlstein Lab (YC W16) Automates Drug Discovery for Rare Diseases

by Alexis Ohanian3/21/2016

Major pharmaceutical companies rarely focus onorphan diseases, conditions that affect less than 200,000 people nationwide.While many are complex, around 4,000 orphan diseases are caused by only onemutation in a single gene.Perlstein Lab is a company launching out of our Winter2016 class that hasbuilt an automated drug discovery platform for all rare diseases.

iSono Health (YC W16) is Building an Affordable At-Home Ultrasound for Breast Health Monitoring

by Alexis Ohanian3/18/2016

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in women. Onein eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime.While mammograms are the current standard of care, they do have significantlimitations. Mammograms fail to detect breast cancer in women with dense breasttissue, who are already at higher risk for breast cancer. Furthermore, insurancecompanies typically do not cover the cost of exams for women under 50.

Soundboks (YC W16) is Making the World’s Loudest Battery-Powered Speaker

by Alexis Ohanian3/18/2016

Soundboks is a company in our Winter 2016 class thathas created the firstand only portable speaker capable of throwing a real party. It is shockproof,weatherproof, and temperature resistant.Stanley Goodner wrote about Soundboks in Gizmag:> “For pool events, camping,or backyard cookouts, boombox-sized speakers can be found supplying ampleamounts of audio.