Foxpass (YC S15) Allows Any Company To Have Advanced Server And Network Security

by Alexis Ohanian7/29/2015

Large enterprises can often afford to have tightly-managed network and server security across their workforces. But for many small- and medium-sized companies, network and server security practices are either implemented lightly or not at all. 

Foxpass is a startup in our current batch that’s created an easy-to-use platform for any company to ensure that each employee has individual, company-managed credentials which must be used for access.

VentureBeat’s Ken Yeung wrote about Foxpass and how it works in a story published today:

“So why Foxpass? In some companies, it’s possible that employees share
the same login credentials when it comes to accessing internal systems
such as servers and Wi-Fi. Obviously this isn’t a secure setup,
but Foxpass thinks it can bring things up to best practices without
resorting to drastic changes in the layout and design of the tools.

Sandersen told VentureBeat that Foxpass functions as an
authentication server integrated with Google Apps that companies can use
to grant employees access to specific systems. Because he’s dealing
with early-stage companies and smaller entities, syncing with Google
Apps makes sense. Using this as the identity layer, someone in the
company, whether in human resources or IT, can grant that employee
specific access. Should the employee leave for whatever reason, access
can quickly be disabled without having to change passwords en masse.”

Read more in-depth about Foxpass in VentureBeat here, and participate in the related Hacker News discussion here. You can also check out Foxpass’ demo in its first-ever “Show HN” back in February 2015 here.


  • Alexis Ohanian