Gigster (YC S15) Hires An Elite Engineering Team For Your Software Project In Minutes

by Alexis Ohanian7/23/2015

Turning an idea into an actual app is an incredibly daunting task. Elite engineering talent is very hard to find — it often seems that there are far more software projects that people want to make than there are available developers to build them.

Gigster is a startup in our current class that takes the pain out of that process. Gigster promises to find, hire, and manage an elite engineering team for you, effectively steering any software project from start to finish.

As TechCrunch’s Josh Constine writes, Gigster is like an “Uber for developers” that takes on all the “dev dirty work” for you:

“Got a startup idea? That and some cash is all you need to get a fully functional app built for you by Gigster. Launching today, Gigster is a full-service development shop, rather than a marketplace where you have to manage the talent you find.

Just go to Gigster’s site, instant message with a sales engineer,
tell them what you want built, and in 10 minutes you get a guaranteed
quote for what it will cost and how long it will take. Give Gigster the
go-ahead, and it will manage an elite set of freelance coders and
designers to build your product and give you status reports each week.
Once you get your project back, Gigster will even maintain the code, and
you can pay to add upgrades or new features.

…Gigster could help entrepreneurs affordably develop a minimum viable
product so they can get the funding and attention they need to build a

Read the full story, including an interview with Gigster CEO Roger Dickey, in TechCrunch here, and participate in the related Hacker News discussion here.


  • Alexis Ohanian