Goodybag (YC W16) Simplifies Catering for Enterprises

by Alexis Ohanian3/29/2016

Anyone who has used a catering service for meetings or corporate gatherings can explain how
frustrating the entire process is. What seems like a simple task actually
involves searching through various vendors, determining dietary
restrictions, planning logistics, and invoicing the order.

Goodybag is a company launching out of our Winter 2016
class that streamlines the corporate meal-ordering process. Anyone can log onto
the site and browse through local caterers before ordering online. In
addition to ease of use, Goodybag also offers live customer support. Unlike other
on-demand food delivery services, Goodybag does not actually deliver anything.
Rather, it is a self-serve marketplace that allows companies to compare and
book meals for specific events. Because of this, Goodybag can scale rapidly without being lost
in unit economics.

The three behind
Goodybag are Jay Panchal, Om Panchal, and Jag Santha. Jay Panchal and Jag
Santha met in college at Georgia Institute of Technology while studying Systems
Engineering. Om Panchal, Jay’s brother, studied Biology at Southwestern University. 

Goodybag has done over $5.5M in orders from just the Austin, Houston, Seattle, and Nashville area.  

Learn more about
Goodybag here.


  • Alexis Ohanian