Hacker News Highlights: January 2017

by Y Combinator2/2/2017

Here are some of our favorite recent posts on Hacker News.

Quantum computers ready to leap out of the lab in 2017

A handful of quantum computing researchers bump into each other.

hn jan 2017 1

A large slab of ice is breaking off an Antarctic glacier

An Antarctic researcher chimes in about their ice shelf discovery.

hn jan 2017 2

Working on Chrome made me develop a tool for reading source code

Chrome team co-founder responds to codebase comment.

hn jan 2017 3

Did Pixar accidentally delete Toy Story 2 during production? (2012)

A former Pixar engineer talks about their animation system.

hn jan 2017 4

Why Medical Advice Seems to Change So Frequently

Two MDs who are HN users discover they agree.

hn jan 2017 5

The Awk Programming Language (1988) [pdf]

A HN user brings up an old Awk compiler for DOS and another user published a review of it 20 years ago.

hn jan 2017 6

American chestnut trees are “technically extinct”

Arboreal activism.

hn jan 2017 7


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