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Hacker News Highlights: June & July 2017

by Y Combinator8/4/2017

Here are our favorite Hacker News comments from June and July.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------HN submission overlaps with commenter’s PhD thesis on sketching sound and music. An article about the history of UUIDs gets details filled in by commenters.

Hacker News Highlights: April & May 2017

by Y Combinator5/29/2017

Here are our favorite Hacker News comments from April and May.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The author of Sorting Two Metric Tons of Lego discusses his project in thecomments. Larry McVoy reflects on Bitkeeper, Git, and not taking investment.

Hacker News Highlights: March 2017

by Y Combinator4/4/2017

Here are our favorite Hacker News comments from March.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of the authors of The Unix-Haters Handbook joins a thread on the book. The creator of war dialing program ToneLoc replies to a post about WarGames[https://news.

Hacker News Highlights: February 2017

by Y Combinator3/8/2017

Here are some of our favorite recent posts on Hacker News.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Split across two HN comments, an essay about an unusual approach toprogramming. This grew into a couple of other threads: first and second.

Hacker News Highlights: January 2017

by Y Combinator2/2/2017

Here are some of our favorite recent posts on Hacker News.Quantum computers ready to leap out of the lab in 2017A handful of quantum computing researchers bump into each other. A large slab of ice is breaking off an Antarctic glacierAn Antarctic researcher chimes in about their ice shelf discovery. [https://news.ycombinator.

Submit Questions for Office Hours with YC

by Y Combinator1/6/2017

When we announced that we’d be restarting the podcast, many HN users requested OfficeHours as a recurring segment. We’re kicking that off next week on YouTube.Sam’s generously offered to go first. So, if you have a question, please post afew sentences of context and the question on Hacker News. We’ll do our best to answer asmany questions as possible.

Hacker News Highlights

by Y Combinator7/29/2016

Here are some of our favorite recent posts on Hacker News.Excel: Error when CSV file starts with “I” and “D”An original Excel programmer thinks a current bug may be his. No grades, no timetable: Berlin school turns teaching upside downA Sudbury School teacher from Baltimore comments on how Sudbury Schools work. [https://news.ycombinator.