Interviewed (YC S15) Takes The Guesswork Out Of Evaluating Potential Hires

by Alexis Ohanian7/15/2015

Companies often have a codified process when it comes to interviewing potential technical hires: Interview questions, whiteboarding, and code samples can all be evaluated in a relatively straightforward way. But when it comes to hiring for non-technical roles such as sales and customer support, there isn’t as clear of a rulebook. An interviewer may be impressed by a candidate’s personality or résumé, but find out after making the hire that his or her actual skills aren’t quite up to snuff.

Interviewed is a startup in our current summer class that simplifies the process of interviewing non-technical hires, by enabling job candidates to prove what’s on their résumés. By creating a system of advanced simulations for what a candidate will actually be doing on the job, Interviewed has created a way for companies to tangibly assess how well a person may fit in with a job opening.

TechCrunch’s Fitz Tepper wrote about the company’s platform this week:

“The simulations on Interviewed are extremely realistic, and include
the use of mock tools like email and phone calls. For example, a
three-part sales simulation first had me write a cold email, then reply
to a customer inquiry, and lastly make a cold sales call (using my real
cell phone) for a potential client.

…Darren Nix, cofounder of Interviewed, explained that some companies
currently run their own mock simulations, but the process is so
time-consuming that it is often done at the last stage before hiring.

By automating the simulations, Interviewed’s platform allows
companies to administer these simulations on a mass scale, reducing the
chance that companies pass over someone who is actually awesome at the
required skills.”

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  • Alexis Ohanian