Meet the Batch

by Alexis Ohanian5/11/2016

We’re kicking off our Summer 2016 class in a couple weeks, and we’re trying something new.

Here on The Macro, we’ll be introducing the YC S16 startups in a new section called “Meet the Batch.”

From now until Demo Day, Meet the Batch will publish profiles of our S16 companies and founders, explaining what they do, how they’re doing it, and why we at YC are excited about it.

Our first profile is of Revlo, a fan-engagement platform for Twitch broadcasters.

Our intention is to provide a closer look at the startups, founders, and ideas that are the heart and soul of YC, in a format that’s separate and distinct from the incredible buzz of Demo Day. Each batch has dozens of amazing stories to tell, and we’re looking forward to sharing them here!


  • Alexis Ohanian