Office Hours: YC’s Group Partners share advice on actually getting things done

by Greg Kumparak10/6/2023

Founders are inherently busy people. A lot goes into making something people want.

For this episode of Office Hours, YC's Group Partners are talking about productivity — what works for the founders they help, and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t.

In many cases, it’s about taking just a bit of time to get introspective; is that trendy new productivity tool actually helping you get things done faster, or would a simple notes app/spreadsheet work better with the way you think? How do you know if a task is real work or “fake” work — the stuff that feels like work, but isn’t actually moving your startup forward?

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  • Greg Kumparak

    Greg oversees editorial content at Y Combinator. He was previously an editor at TechCrunch for nearly 15 years.