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Why you shouldn't copy your tech idols

by Dalton Caldwell9/13/2023

For this episode of Dalton + Michael, we dig into why some advice givers might be tempted to say “Do as I say, not as I DID.”

Why investors (secretly) love YC

by Dalton Caldwell8/23/2023

How do investors really feel about YC? In this episode, Michael and Dalton dig in!

Does your startup need to be in SF? Dalton & Michael say...

by Dalton Caldwell8/1/2023

If you’re starting a company, does it need to be in San Francisco? One rare aspect of this episode: it’s one where Dalton and Michael disagree.

Coinbase from YC to IPO

by Dalton Caldwell4/14/2021

Today, Coinbase has gone public. We are proud to say that Coinbase is a Y Combinator company and a member of the Summer 2012 batch.

Consume Information That Encourages You To Do More

by Dalton Caldwell10/11/2019

YC Partner and Head of Admissions Dalton Caldwell on consuming tech media and being careful to choose things that encourage you todo more.Topics00:00 – Consume information that encouragesyou to do more1:25 – You don’t need permission frominvestors to start a company2:30 – Is thought leadership important?4:05 [https://youtu.

How Do You Convince Someone to Join Your Startup?

by Dalton Caldwell8/9/2019

Dalton Caldwell , Y Combinator partner and founderof imeem and Mixed Media Labs, on how to convince someone to join your startup.

Advice for Companies With Less Than 1 Year of Runway

by Dalton Caldwell1/22/2015

Let’s imagine that you are the founder of a company that has successfully raisedan angel or institutional round and are currently in a situation where you have12 months or less of runway.The hardest part of dealing with a low runway situation is managing your ownpsychology. You have to simultaneously manage your own anxiety to not be overlynegative about your prospects, but also not be irrationally positive. It’s adelicate balance.