OnboardIQ (YC S15) Helps Companies Screen And Hire Their Workforces

by Alexis Ohanian8/14/2015

With the rise of an increasingly fluid workforce, the way that many companies build and manage their teams is more complex than ever. Companies in the service economy today see an average 50%
no-show rate to interviews, as many candidates have several jobs at the same time — and even once applicants have been vetted and hired, many of them move on in less than a month, and the company has to start all over again.

OnboardIQ is a company in our current class that provides tools for operations and recruiting teams to build and manage a workforce, automating the screening and hiring workflow. The result is that companies can spend significantly less time and money on the hiring process, while keeping quality standards high.

Business Insider’s Nathan McAlone wrote about OnboardIQ in a story published this week:

“‘Sharing economy workers switch jobs,
and work multiple jobs in a given week or even day,’ [OnboardIQ co-founder Keith Ryu] says. The high
turnover means that sharing economy companies have to be constantly
bringing workers into the fold. This can be an immense burden,
especially for a small company. OnboardIQ wants to make easier.

…OnboardIQ’s system automates
scheduling phone interviews and orientations. It moves applicants
through a series of ‘stages,’ reminding them of their various
commitments primarily via SMS, which Ryu has found more effective than
email. Among the over 100,000 steps OnboardIQ claims it automates are
background checks and document collection — I9 forms, contracts, etc.

…When Ryu talks of expansion, he speaks of moving outside the ‘on-demand’ niche. Those companies — like heavyweights Shyp and Munchery  — have so far been OnboardIQ’s bread and butter, but there is no reason
why the service couldn’t work equally well for any company with a large
and transitory workforce.”

Read the full story on Business Insider here.


  • Alexis Ohanian