YC’s Online Class (Sign up at StartupSchool.org)

by Sam Altman3/6/2017


We’re excited to announce our new online Startup School, with classes beginning on April 5. Anyone can sign up at StartupSchool.org for the 10-week massively open online course (MOOC), starting today. We want to teach everyone how to start a startup and help them along the way with guidance from people who’ve started companies.

The class is designed for people to go through it with their own nascent startup, though you can also just watch the lectures if you’re interested. In either case, it’s free.

Our goal is to replicate much of the YC experience.

1) We’ll have guest speakers covering a wide variety of topics—how to get ideas, how to build a great product, how to grow, how to build a culture, how to raise money, and more. 30-40% of these will be recorded advice sessions with startups—we’ve always heard from entrepreneurs that this is some of our most helpful content. These lectures will be recorded at Stanford University. Some of the guest lecturers include: Alan Kay, Jan Koum (WhatsApp), Patrick Collison (Stripe), Steve Huffman (Reddit), Adam D’Angelo (Quora), Alex Schultz (Facebook), Tracy Young (PlanGrid), Jason Lemkin (SaaStr), Harry Zhang (Lob), Dalton Caldwell (YC), Emmett Shear (Twitch), Michael Seibel (YC), Kirsty Nathoo (YC), Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures), Ali Rowghani (YC), Jess Lee (Sequoia), Aaron Harris (YC).

2) For a limited group in a special Startup Founder track, we’ll have weekly online advice sessions where you can get feedback on your startup. The advisors are mostly YC alumni, like Daniel Kan (Cruise), Sanjay Dastoor (Boosted Boards), and Cindy Wu (Experiment).  We’ll run these like we run group office hours at YC, and may be limited depending on demand and our resources.

3) We’ll have an online community via Slack and email where you can connect with other entrepreneurs in the class.

4) At the end of the class, participants will have a chance to share what they’ve built with a wide audience.

If you’re interested in participating with your idea, please sign up at StartupSchool.org and join us.


  • Sam Altman

    Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI. He was the president of YC from 2014-2019. He studied computer science at Stanford, and while there, worked in the AI lab.