Startup School Aspiring Founders Track Relaunches

by Kyle Corbitt3/16/2021

Starting today, we’re reopening the Startup School Aspiring Founders track as a continuous course. This track is intended for potential founders who are interested in starting a company in the future. You can register now for the new track.

Historically, Startup School has focused on supporting founders actively working on their companies. Last November we decided to expand our mission by launching a new track for future founders. That program was extremely popular — over 30,000 aspiring founders participated, and thousands more have signed up for the waitlist since!

Given that demand, we’ve decided to make the track a permanent part of Startup School. Starting today, founders will be able to access the Aspiring Founders program (formerly known as Future Founders) at any time. The track consists of 17 videos and essays by YC group partners and 6 self-directed exercises. These can be completed on your schedule.

Of course, there’s no replacement for first-hand experience when starting a startup. Founders who enroll in the Aspiring Founders track and later take the leap to start a company are welcome to switch to the Active Founder track at any time. There they will find more resources, materials and a large community of founders actively working on their companies.

Whatever stage you’re at in your startup journey, we invite you to join Startup School and benefit from the best resource on the internet for learning how to build a startup!


  • Kyle Corbitt

    Kyle Corbitt is a software developer at Y Combinator. He spends most of his time creating software to support our founders as they build their businesses. Before joining YC he ran his own startup.