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Future Founders Conference for Women Globally

by Kat Mañalac10/15/2020

On November 18, we are hosting our first Future Founders Conference for women who aspire to become a startupfounder. The event will be online, and whether you are curious about launchingyour own startup or are in the early stages of building one, you’ll walk awaywith the knowledge to define your own path.Attendees will meet YC partners, our alumnae, and other entrepreneurial women.

YC's First Virtual IIT Tour

by Kat Mañalac9/1/2020

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting our first series of virtualtalks at 7 IITs this fall.At the events, you’ll meet YC partners and alumni from each of the schools.They’ll talk about how they started their companies, the challenges they facedearly on, and they’ll share advice for students who want to start and scale acompany one day.Today, YC has funded over 100 India-based startups who have raised more than$700M in capital.

Apply Early for YC W21

by Kat Mañalac8/31/2020

The deadline to apply for YC Winter 2021 is Wednesday, September 23 at 8pm PT.We created a deadline because deadlines are good motivational mechanisms forfinishing tasks. Unsurprisingly, about eighty percent of all YC applications aresubmitted the week before the deadline.But we’ve sometimes seen companies not apply to YC because they don’t want towait until our regular interview cycle (October and November for the Winter 2021batch) to raise money.

YC Alum Advice for Managing Remote Teams

by Kat Mañalac3/27/2020

We hosted a virtual panel with YC alum on best practices for managing a remoteteam.

Applying to YC Early Decision – GreenTiger (YC S19)

by Kat Mañalac9/23/2019

Last week, we interviewed Wren about their EarlyDecision experience. Thisweek, we talked to GreenTiger .For those of you who don’t know, if you’re a student, applying Early Decision to YC allows you to apply now forthe summer batch.GreenTiger is an app that allows users to trade US stocks from India,commission-free.

Applying to YC Early Decision - Wren (YC S19)

by Kat Mañalac9/17/2019

Last week, we interviewed Rent the Backyard about their Early Decision experience. This week, we talked to Wren.For those of you who don’t know, if you’re a student, applying Early Decision to YC allows you to apply now forthe summer batch.Wren makes it simple to offset your personal — or your company’s — carbonemissions.

YC at Grace Hopper

by Kat Mañalac9/13/2019

We’re excited to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration this year — the world’slargest gathering of women technologists.Oct 2, 6pm-9pm: Happy HourWe’re hosting a happy hour with AWS and YC alum Elpha (acommunity where women in tech can talk candidly online). Register here.Oct 3: Office HoursIf you’re interested in starting a startup or want feedback on a project you’rebuilding, we’d love to meet you.