Surbhi Sarna's new book on entrepreneurship

by Jared Friedman3/7/2023

YC Group Partner Surbhi Sarna has written a book called Without a Doubt, and today it goes on sale.

Without a Doubt tells the incredible story of Surbhi Sarna's company, nVision Medical, which started with a health scare when she was 13 and ended 20 years later in a $275M acquisition. It's a must-read for anyone interested in healthcare. But it's also a must-read for any founder who feels underestimated, or anyone who isn't sure if starting a startup is for them.

I've been fortunate to hear Surbhi tell her story to a live audience, and it never fails to bring the house down. Now that it can reach so many more people, I expect it will inspire a whole generation of founders.

Without a Doubt captures the feeling of being a founder, with the raw emotion that comes from your life's work hanging in the balance. It is the unvarnished truth of what startups are really like.

Interspersed through the book is tactical advice on essential founder skills: networking, fundraising, getting feedback from users, hiring, creating a strong company culture, and managing board politics, along with many healthcare-specific topics like running clinical trials and determining regulatory strategy.

I have no idea how Surbhi managed to write a book while also being a Group Partner at YC (a more-than-full-time job!). She is a force of nature, and it's a great honor to get to work with her at YC.

You can pick up your copy of Without a Doubt here:


  • Jared Friedman

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