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Apply to YC Summer 2021

by Lindsay Amos3/15/2021

The deadline to apply to the Y Combinator Summer 2021 batch is Friday, March 19 at 8pm PT. Due to COVID-19,Summer 2021 will be the third batch in a row to be fully remote.We occasionally get questions about what a remote batch is like. Our 2020 Yearin Review is helpful here,and I thought I’d include some quotes from when I asked founders from Summer2020 (our first all remote batch) about their experience.

Edlyft Co-Founder and CEO Erika Hairston: How Community Can Elevate Tech

by Lindsay Amos2/25/2021

Edlyft co-founder and CEO Erika Hairston never imaginedherself as a “techie,” but was drawn to computer science while at YaleUniversity—not that it was a cinch for her. “I actually really struggled throughthe major and almost dropped it,” she says. While she ultimately persevered andgraduated with her computer science degree from Yale in 2018, she also builtappreciation for what it’s like to be truly intimidated by a subject matter.

Squire Co-Founder and CEO Songe LaRon: Powering Barbershops of the Future

by Lindsay Amos2/23/2021

Songe LaRon didn’t have experience working in the barbershop world when he firsthad the idea for Squire , a business management andpoint-of-sales software focusing on barbershop owners. He did, however, havefirsthand knowledge of the customer experience.Beginning at the age of six or seven, LaRon started frequenting the barber withhis dad. Twenty years later, he realized the industry hadn’t evolved much. “Itwas very inefficient,” he said.

Apply to YC on Your Schedule

by Lindsay Amos1/14/2021

We want to better support founders by giving them access to YC whenever it’sbest for them, regardless of our batch timeline. While it has always been anoption to apply year-round to YC, we’re now formalizing it with an earlydeadline.Now, founders can apply for an early interview to the Summer 2021 batch. If wereceive your application by Wednesday, January 27 at 8pm PT, we will consideryou for an early February interview (instead of regular interviews, which beginin late April).