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by Y Combinator3/11/2023

Over 5,000 CEOs and founders representing over 400,000 employees have signed this petition: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0_0JOGdaXSDs-WaAXzzEy_tR7akOF7GBTfTb-r-Me0trNPQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

To the Honorable Secretary Janet Yellen, Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg, Chairman Brown, and Chairman McHenry:

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the rapid failure of Silicon Valley Bank, a leading financial institution that has played a vital role in supporting the technology industry in the United States. We are not asking for a bailout for the bank equity holders or its management; we are asking you to save innovation in the American economy.

We ask for relief and attention to an immediate critical impact on small businesses, startups, and their employees who are depositors at the bank. According to the NVCA, Silicon Valley Bank has over 37,000 small businesses with more than $250,000 in deposits. These balances are now unavailable to them, and without further intervention, according to the FDIC website, may be inaccessible for months to years.

In the Y Combinator community, one-third of startups with exposure to SVB used SVB as their sole bank account. As a result, they will fail to have the cash to run payroll in the next 30 days. By that measure, we can estimate that payroll-related furlough or shutdown will impact more than 10,000 small businesses and startups. If the average small business or startup employs 10 workers, this will have an immediate effect of furlough, layoff, or shutdown, affecting over 100,000 jobs in the most vibrant sector of innovation in our economy.

Silicon Valley Bank’s failure has a real risk of systemic contagion. Its collapse has already instilled fear among founders and management teams to look for safer havens for their remaining cash, which can trigger a bank run on every other smaller bank.  

If we allow this to happen, it will immediately impact the US technology industry and US competitiveness worldwide and ultimately set back US competitiveness by a decade or more, while the rest of the world races forward.

We have a simple ask:
- Small business depositors at Silicon Valley Bank should be made whole. Regulators need to conduct a backstop of depositors. We are not asking for a bank bailout.
- Longer term, Congress should work to restore stronger regulatory oversight and capital requirements for regional banks, and any malfeasance or mismanagement on the part of SVB executives leading to this failure should be investigated.

This requires swift and decisive action in order to prevent further shockwaves through the economy that could lead to financial crisis and layoffs of more than 100,000 workers. We must protect US competitiveness in the world.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Garry Tan, CEO & President Y Combinator

Over 5,000 CEOs and founders representing over 400,000 employees have signed this petition. If you're a current founder or CEO, please consider signing: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0_0JOGdaXSDs-WaAXzzEy_tR7akOF7GBTfTb-r-Me0trNPQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Arash FerdowsiCo-founderDropbox
Ricardo Weder CEO & Founder Justo
Alex BouazizCEO & Co-FounderDeel
Suryanarayanan Paneerselvam CEOSkill-Lync
Adhemar Milani Neto Founder and CEO Kovi
Aadit PalichaCo-founder & CEOZepto
Pedro FranceschiCEO, FounderBrex
George FraserCEOFivetran
Divey GulatiCo-founderShipBob
Drew DurbinCEO and Co-founderWave
Adrian AounCEO & FounderForward
Manuela SanchezCofounderLaika universe inc
Dhruv SaxenaCeoShipBob
Moses LoFounder and CEOXendit
Mike KnoopCo-founderZapier
Bryan HelmigCo-founder, CTOZapier
Tracy Young CEOTigereye
Steven WongsoredjoCo-Founder and CEONusantara Holdings, Inc. (Super)
Nicolas DessaigneCo-FounderAlgolia
Julien LemoineCo-founderAlgolia
Olugbenga AgboolaCEO, Founder Flutterwave Inc
Edvard EngesaethCo-founderNurx
Kumar MehtaCo-FounderVersa Networks Inc
Alex AustinCEOBranch Metrics, Inc
Kaarel KotkasFounder & CEOVeriff
Ariel KatzCEO, Co-FounderH1
Benjamin Labra CEO Houm
Vivian ShenCEOJuni Learning
Logan HeadCofounder Whatnot
Jose ZambranoCEOSkydropx
Armando solbes Co-founderSkydropx
Femi Kuti CEOReliance Health
Ivan Tsybaev CEO, FounderCareerist Inc
Felipe Betancourt CelisCo-founderLiftit.co
Ryan NeuCEOVendr, Inc.
Alex TewCo-founderCalm
William H Patterson jrCEOcarerev
Tim GriffinCEO, Co-founderCraftwork, Odeko, and Cloosiv
Vince C. NingCEO & FounderNabis
Freddy VegaCEOPlatzi
Philip InghelbrechtCEOTatari, Inc
Mark SchopmeyerCo ceoCaptivateIQ, Inc.
Kunal Girotra Founder & CEO Lunar Energy
Art AgrawalCEOJerry inc
John KobsFounderApartment List
Jon GoldsmithCEOLocal Kitchens
Andrew WangCEOValon
Ali JavidCEOWrapbook
Christian PatinoCo-founderCoderhouse
Sam HodgesCo-founder and CEOVouch, Inc.
Francis DuongCo-founderFlexe
K. Taylor WakefieldCOO, Co-founderGravitational, Inc. (provider of Teleport)
Michael MarraleCEOM Science LLC
Tim SprattCo-founderPermutive
Aarjav TrivediCo-founder & CEORidecell Inc
Scott PhoenixFounder & CEOVicarious
Vishrut Co-founderInspectHOA
Jonathan TarudCEOKoombea Inc
Songe LaRonCEO and Co-founder Squire
Hussein GawziCEO/ co-founderPideDirecto
Pablo MejiaCOOColegium
Cesar PinoCo-founderTruora
Daniel BilbaoCEO, Co-FounderTruora
George KalogeropoulosCEO, FounderHealthSherpa
Matthew SchulmanCEO PavePave
Soumyadeb Mitra CEO, Founder RudderStack
David Cuadrado Co-FounderTruora
Dimitri DadiomovCEOModern Treasury
Matt MarcusCo-founderModern Treasury
Pablo VigueraCo-Founder, Co-CEOBelvo
Alexander MeekPresident & Co-founderMoxion
Bryn JonesCEO, Co-founderPartnerStack
Jason TraffCo-founderShipwell
Anand KishoreceoAspire
Jay RenoFounderFeather
Gautam NarangCEO and Co-founderGatik
Sondre RaschCo-founder and CEOSafetyWing
David MackCo founderSketchDeck
Forrest Heath CEOSomos Networks, Inc.
Ryan chanCEO Upkeep
Dan RyanCEO, Co-founderVergeSense
Saleem KhatriCEOLavu
Pelin KenezCEO, FounderZeplin, Inc.
Berk ÇebiCPO, Co-founderZeplin, Inc.
Newsha GhaeliPresident & CofounderBiobot Analytics
Travis DeyleFounder & CEOCobalt Robotics Inc
Ian LeeCEO, Co-FounderExamedi
Kevin KlimanCEO, cofounderHumi
Puneet MehtaCEONetomi Ai
Yusuf SherwaniCEO and Co-founderQuit Genius
Vedha SayyaparajuCofounder and CTOZuddl
Michel CohenFounderBEON.tech
Eduardo MataCo-founderMeru
Deepak ChhuganiCEO, FounderNuvocargo
Ian Christopher CTO, co-founderQventus
Gadi shamia CEO and founder Replicant
Matias ReinaCEO, Co-founderAbstracta
Tom LembergFounder & CEOCurebase
Manuel Barna FerrésCofounder Henry
Cameron YarbroughCEOTorch
Earl HathawayCofounderVaero and DataGrail
Ian BurgessPresident & Co-founderValidere Technologies Ltd.
Kiran JoshiCo-founderThread Robotics
Bharath GokarajuCEO, Co-founderJoyn Experiences Inc
Amir NathooCo-founder & CEOOutschool
BartRoszkowskiVue Storefront Inc.
Emre FADILLIOGLUCEO & Co-founderAopSamurai
Julio GuzmanCEOAgendaPro, Inc.
Matthew LaffertyCEOCurri
Ruben CordobaCEOUmany intermediate holdings LLC
Kumesh AroomooganFounder and CEOAccern
Jonah GreenbergerCEOBright
George FavvasCofounder and CEOCircle Medical
Charlie WarrenCEO and co-founderConvex
Martín Anazco Co-CEO & Founder Jampp Inc
Riku LindholmCOO / VP-founder Meru Health
Josh MangelCo-founderPipe.com
Nate MaslakCEO & COfounderRibbon Health
Mariya NurislamovaCEOScentbird
Alexander TorrenegraCEOTorre
Chris DeanCEOTreasury Prime
Roy YangCEOGiant Machines
Ola OyetayoCEOVertoFX
João Pedro ThompsonCo-founder, CEOZ1
Ryan LetzeiserCEO and Co-founderObie
Daryna KulyaCo-FounderOpenPhone
Akilesh BapuCEODeepScribe
Kurt RuppelCo-founderMiddesk
Richard NelsonCEORoofr
Laura ChambersCEOWillow Innovations Inc
Juan AmadorCEOHobbio Inc
Andres ArslanianCTO Co-FounderEmi Labs
Mateo CavasottoCEO & Co-founderEmi Labs, Inc
Jorge ZamoraFounderGoLinks
Carlos EscutiaCEOGroWrk Remote
Diego Saez GilCEO, FounderPachama
Jerome de LafargueCEO, FounderZeroheight Inc.
John WangCo-founder, CTOAssembled, Inc.
Armand FoudjetCo-founder Garage
Suyash SinhaCEO, Co-FounderMyScoot Inc
Iai CEO & co-founder Ramani
Calvin UsiriCo Founder Ramani.io
Adam KolomCo-Founder and CEORelated Sciences
Trevor McKendrickCEO & cofounderSeis
Joachim KrügerCo-founderTwo B2B
Derek RichardsonFounder and CEODeako
Santiago Molina Co-founderFinkargo
Sonakshi NathaniCEO & Co-FounderBIK
Gustavo GorensteinCEO and Co-founderBx blue
Vignan VelivelaCEOAtoB (CElegans Labs Inc)
Gwanygha’a GanaCEO & Co-FounderGarage Mobility
Aaron LetzeiserCo-FounderObie
Max HodakCEOScience
Jesus LanzaCo-foundermattilda
Will PengCEO & Co-founderNorthstar
Jeff VydunaCo-founderPoll Everywhere
Joey GrassiaCEO, founder Shef
Ashwin RameshCEOSynup.com
Carlos VegaCEO, Co-FounderTesorio, Inc.
JonathanCEOZenysis Technologies Inc
Ivan CardenasCEO and co-founderBeGo
Aman GourCo-founder TurboHire
Pablo EstevezCEO/FounderGus.chat
Benjamin EnczCEOAshby
Abhik PramanikCo-founderAshby
Izhar WallachCTO, Co-founerAtomwise
Aditya KothadiyaCEOAvoma.com
Andrés IriarteCo-FounderFithub
Saman FaridCEOFormic
Laura CressmanCo-founderQA Wolf
Doktor GursonCEO, Co-founderRad AI
MateoCEOTodos comemos
Nicholas HinrichsenCEOClutch
Miguel Carranza GuisadoCTORevenueCat
Garry CooperCEO, Co-founderRheaply
Vincent CarboneCo-founderBrightidea Incorporated
Stephen KuhlCEO & Co-FounderBurrow, Inc.
David J. PhillipsCEO & FounderFondo
Sagar ShahFounderMade Renovation
Magi RichaniCEONobell Foods
Steve TuckCo-founder and CEOOxide Computer Company
Yin WuCEO & Co-founderPulley
Jacob EitingCo-founder & CEORevenueCat
Fabio FleitasCTO / Co-founderTesorio
Nicholas Tommarello CEOWefunder
Christopher ColemanCofounderWithClutch Inc
Roger TeranCo-FounderR2
Jitin Bhasin Founder & CEO SaveIN, Inc.
Soham MoreCEO, Co-FounderSympto Health
Austen AllredCEOBloom Institute of Technology
Geronimo MasperoCo-founderHumand
Pratap RanadeCEO and Co-FounderArena AI
Amit PakaCo-founder & COOFiddler AI
Jim DetersCEO Gravity Haus
Denis BellavanceCTOInspectify, inc.
Caterine CastilloCEO & Co-FounderNeivor
Lora KratchounovaFounderScratch Marketing + Media
Ayal YogevCEO, Co-FounderAnjuna Security
Mateo JaramilloCEOHeru
Cyrus KarbassiyoonCTO, Co-founderScratchpad
Pamela valdes esteva CEOBeek
Alok GoelCEO and Co-founderDrivetrain AI Inc
Gregory KobergerCEOReadMe
Dmitry BiruliaCofounder Veryfi, in.
Nidhi jain CEO Cloudeagle
Alex AlvaradoCEODaybreak Health
Andrew NorrisCo-Founder & CEODevCycle
Max KolyshCEODover
Daniel SalasCFO COOE1 Technology Inc
Rabi GuptaCEOEvabot Inc
Stuart BlitzCo-Founder/COOHone Health
Chris ZachariasCEO, Founderimgix
Mario BustamanteCEO & founderInstacrops
Will KimCo-CEOKarat Financial
Brian ReauarrhCEOLatitud
Ashish WaliaCo-founderLawtrades
Pramod SharmaFounder, OsmoOsmo
Pablo Davicino CTO, Co-founderProperix
Sean MitchellCEOREZI
Felipe RacinesCo-FounderSeeri
Daniel wallCeo Wallings
Bruno LucasFounderZippi
Cassie ChoiCo-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Registered NursePair Team
Shane KovalskyCo-founder, CEOMystery
Christopher MolozianCEOHeroic Labs
Ethan LieberCEOLatchel
Ezequiel BucaiCEOWibond
Elizabeth LarkinFounder and Co-CEOHoneylove
Chema SanromanCEO and Co-founderKuona, Inc
Thiago GarutiCo-founderMalga
Robbie BhathalFounder &CEOBrightflow AI
Eduardo WilliamsCo-founder and CEOContalink
Joe HeitzebergFounderCrowd Cow
HENRY MASCOTCEO, Cofounder Curacel
Mine KansuCo-founderOda Portal
Neil BatlivalaCEOPair Team
Chuma OgunwoleCo-founderPyka
Neema MoravejiCo-FounderSpire Health
Matheus RiolfiCo-founder & CEOTint
Andrew ScheuermannCEO and cofounderArch Systems Inc.
Frank YuCEO and FounderCoterie Baby, Inc.
Selcuk AtliCEO and co-founderBunch Live, Inc
Andrew SeddonCEO, Co-founderCircuitHub
Artem GolubevCEOTestRigor, Inc.
Nikita ShamgunovCEOneon
Daniel OteroCofounderOzon
Schuyler DeermanCo-founder & CEOPositive Food Co.
Muffadal SaylawalaCEO, FounderCasa Oro Group
David McDonoughCEO and FounderCommonstock
Shaun NgCo-founderFifth Row Holdings, Inc.
Kimberly RoblesCo-founder & Co CEOHype and Vice INC
Walter GonzalezCEOLivement - Boletomovil
Luqui DiazCo-founderMudafy
Fred Stevens-SmithCEO, FounderRainforest QA
Apoorva SharmaCEO, co-founderSalaryBook
Connor ZwickCEOSpeak
Andres mendez CEOUbankU.co
Kush KellaCEO & Co-founderVartana
Gabriel VeraCEOWited
KshitijCEO & Co-founderZeoAuto
Fabio MunizCEOAwari
Niki KhokaleCofounder & CEOFountain9, Inc.
Christophe PasquierCEOSlite
David SusaCo-founderLuable Inc
Lanre OgungbeCEO, Co-FounderPrembly Inc
James HawkinsCEOPostHog
Peter HuntCEOElementl
Kennan DavisonCEO, FounderSkio
Hans ThomasFounder & CEO10X Capital
Sara DuCEO & CofounderAlloy Automation
Shay SethiCEO, Co-founderAmbercycle
Neal JeanCo-founder, CEOBeacons
Lucas RanalloCEO & Co-Founderceleri
Matin TamiziCEO, Co-founderCuenca
Luka SincekCo-FounderJuicy Marbles (Formidable Foods Inc.)
Ricardo LatournerieCEOLlama
Ramiro BerrellezaFounderOkteto
Jaime TabachnikCo-founder and CEOSolvento
Evan TannCo-founderThankful AI
Alejandro Lozano ZárateCo-founderVitau
Lukas ZorichCo-founderFintoc
Ariel VaismanFounder & CEORendaloMaq
Shara TickuCEO and co-founderC16 Biosciences
Jan HeinvirtaCEO & Co-FounderPerfekto LLC
Henry SanchezCEOApparta
Roi KliperCEO, Co-founderCity Hive
Arup Roy-BurmanFounder & CEOElemeno Health
Christian KnudsenCo-founderLittio
Sasha OrloffCEOPuzzle
Kevin GibbonCEO, Co-FounderAirhouse
Topher HaddadCEOAlbedo
Winston TriCo-founderAlbedo
AyJay LasaterCTO, Co-founderAlbedo
Mike GreenfieldCo-founderChange Research
Martina MoringCo-founderCustomily Inc
Mateus Felini CEODatlo
Brian VallelungaCEO & Co-founderDoppler
Sunny TsangCo-founderFond Technologies, inc.
Consuelo chasseingCeo & co founderFor_me
Santo LeoCEO & Co-FounderHomepro Pay
James HowardCTO, Co-FounderIris Automation
Grace ChangFounder/CEOKintsugi
Vivian WangFounder & CEOLANDED
Chris BakkeCEOLaskie
James CundleCo-founder and CTOMio
Marc BarrosCEOMoment
marwa hagecofounder Munily
Mitchell ContrerasCPO/CTO, Co-founderMunily
Khaled alhajCEOMunily
Omar KassimCEONomod Inc
Rafael Resende PereiraCTO, Co-founderOnebrief
Matthew liuCo-founderOrigin Protocol
Jose Carlos AguilarCEOPalenca
Victor BragaCo-founder Pluggy
Raphael Kappeler Founder Reworth
Brad DwyerCo-Founder, CTORoboflow
Jose M. Mejia OnetoCEO, FounderShasqi
Jasmin HumeCEO, FounderShiru
Jiri TrecakCEO, FounderSupernova
Kyriakos EleftheriouCEO and co-founderTerra API
Lauren Schulte WantCEOThe Flex Company
Amit KulkarniCEOHeymarket
Mitchell JonesCo-Founder/CEOLendtable
Alex BilmesCEOEndgame
Panpan WangCofounder, CFOThe Flex Company
Vansh LangerCEOBBy
Gavin SherryCo-founderDefinitive Intelligence
Luis Ubillas Co-Founder Kurios
Ali AfsharCEOMytos
Noah PalanskyCEOTaiv
Mark MurphyCEO, Co-founderBanner Technologies, Inc.
Felipe VillanedaCo-CEO & Co-founderOctapus Inc
Juan VelezCo-founderTerapify
Shiva AdireddyCEO, Co-founderADVANO
Mostafa GamaleldinCEOCamelan
Maha elrefaiCo-founderCamelan
Taimur AbdaalCEOCausal
Jeffery ChangPresident & Co-FounderCboe Vest
Carol MarksFounderCCP Enterprises
Jacek PrusFounderCurrent Foods
Anton VaisburdCo-founderDatrics
Charlie Cheever CEO and co-founderExpo
Ana RamosCeo and cofounderGlitzi Inc
Lance HydrickCEOHalda
Kush SinghCEO, Co-Founder Hitch Technologies, Inc.
Oliver GunasekaraCEOImpossible Metals
Bradley EckertFounderKoko Home, Inc.
Nick SweetingCTO, Co-FounderMonadical
Paul AnthonyCEO & Co-FounderOpStart
Chen Yu TsenCEORamen VR
Ryan KelloggCEO and Co-Founder RTHM
Victor CardenasCEOSlash
Roq XeverCo-Founder4see, Inc.
Debashish bhadraCo-FounderAmiloz
Dan ParsonsCo-FounderThoughtful Automation Inc
Rachel Lea FishmanCEO, Co-founder Arketa
Santiago LagierCEOBrandtrack Inc
Jason SpringsCEO and C-founderEndpoint Health
Hamza ZiaCEOGitStart
Alex LoftonCo-founderLanded, Inc.
Jorge torresCEO MindsDB
Juan Alvarez Co-founder Sytex
Manmit ShrimaliCEO, FounderTuring Labs Inc.
Abe TarapaniCEOAtlas AI
Nicholas DonahueCEO, Co-FounderAtmos
Judd SchoenholtzCEO and Co-Founder Balance Homes
Devaki RajCEOCrowdAI
Diego ReyCo-founderEndpoint Health
Jared MermeyCEOGigXR
Felipe CamposCEOTarefa
Ajith Govind Co-founderTuring Labs Inc
Guy CohenCEOWonder
Pedro MouraCo-founderFlourish Fi
Dusko KelezCEOHapi Corp.
Dekel ValtzerCEO and Co-founderAvo
Juraj MasarCEO and co-founderBetter Stack
Ben HaleCEO, Co-founder Brite
Adrien HUBERTCFOCardashift
Perry ZhengFounder and CEOCash Flow Portal
Einaras von GravrockCEO, FounderCUBE SECURITY INC
Chris CirielloCEO, FounderCYBERDONTICS (USA) INC
Joe Du BeyCEO and co-founderEden
Nicolas RojasCEOFactcil
Juan Camilo González TrujilloCEOFiguro
Mike CarterCo-FounderFleetzero
Steven HendersonCEOFleetzero
Mohammed RoshanCEOGoSats
Austin BriggsCTO, Co-founderInversion
Yusuf ErkulCEO, Co-founderKernal Biologics
Bruno FavieroCo-Founder & CEOMagna
Daniel LiCEOMarble
Tamara Chayo RomoCEO and Founder MEDU Protection
Laduram VishnoiCEOMiddleware Lab Inc
Freddie GreenCOO, Co-founderMinimum
Ben ParrPresident & Co-FounderOctane AI
Matt PasternackCEOOnce
Jacky LaiCo-founder and CEOPeeba.com
Michael WitzCeoRedemption Games
Michael DubrovskyCPO and CofounderSiPhox
WenFounderSmarking, Inc.
Ajay BamCEO, FounderVyrill
Faisal AhCo-FounderERDLab
Ryan JanochCofounderMapistry
Darshan ShankarCEO, FounderBigscreen
Kim DuransCeo & FounderCheaf Technologies, Inc
PatrickCEO, Co-FounderDrip
Matt HarrisCEODyspatch
Chris WoodardCo-founderHandle.com
Dan PinchasiCEO, Co-founderKalto
Gabriella DeFlorioCEO & Founder Prelay
Pablo Alvestegui SeelenfreundCo-FounderAllRide Mobility Inc
Aldo Del Valle Founder & ceo Apprecio
Waqas AliCo-founderAtoms
Jason SylvestreCEOH3X
Raina JainFounder, CEOHiveGuard
Nitthin Chandran NairCEOMedPiper Technologies, Inc
Alice DengCo-founderSlope
Fawzy Abu Seif CEO, Founder Spokn
Joe MerulloCeo, founderArrenda
Juan CavigliaCEO and co-founderMeitre
Juan Diego GalvezCEOPayCaddy
Maria ArtunduagaCEO, Founder Samay
James Theuerkauf CEO & Co-FounderSyrup Tech
Daniel SugarmanCEOZentail
Vincent JiangCEO, FounderAcho
Karthik BalakrishnanCo-FounderActual
Segun AdeyemiCEOAnchor Software
Momplaisir jeffersonCEOBLUEE
Jesus ChavezCEO, Co-FounderCABRA Sports
Mark Hurley Co-CEO and Co-Founder Caruso - SAAS for fund managers
Marlon MisraCEOCopilot
Neil RainaCTO, Co-founderCopilot
Asher AdeniyiCEOEazipay Inc
Andrew FayadCeoElm Learning
Jinal JhaveriCEOEnable Us
Manuel GodoyCo-founder CEOFelix Technologies Inc
Michael MalisCo-founderFreshpaint
Florian BraeuerFounderGavel Inc
Andrea MazzocchiCEOKnown Medicine
David HuaCEO, Co-FounderMeadow
Monji DolonCEO and Co-founderMeasured
Karina DerbezCTO, Co-founderMonto
Alex KehayiasFounder, CEOMosey
Karan JainCTO, Co-founderNumero
Tomer MolovinskyCEO, Co-founderPer Diem
A. TuschmanFounderPinpoint AI
Suhail DoshiCEOPlayground AI
antonia San Martín CEOPlutto
SukheshCo-founder & CEOProcyon Inc
Ariel Diaz AilanCo-founderRebill
Sagar SoniCo-FounderRequestly (YC W22)
Govinda upadhyayCeoSmarthelio
Nohtal PartanskyCEOSorting Robotics
Mariel Eleanor DavisCo-FounderSpokn
Syed AhmedCo-FounderTara AI
Thomas MazimannCEO TeamOut
Nick OrnitzCEO and Co-FounderTopline Pro
Azim BarodawalaCEO and Co-FounderVolantio, Inc.
Alexandru CirceiCEO & Co-FounderWaydev
Armand CognettaCEO/FounderWeatherwax Biotechnologies
Aldo BrianoCo-founderYiftee
Stephen LambCo-founder & COOZBiotics
Matthew HaberCEO, Co-FounderCofactr
Oscar Mauricio Morales FrancoCEO, Co-founderDailyBot, Inc.
Antonio GonzalezCo-founderJupe
Joe VezzaniCo-founder & DadLunarCrush
Neil McLeanCEONavattic
Ryan BednarCEO, FounderRankScience
Helle JeppssonFounderScape
Iba MasoodCo-founder and CEOTara AI
Rich KaneCEOVergo
Nick PorterCo-founder42 Technologies, Inc
Rachel MumfordCo-founderAnima
Francis LarsonCEO and FounderAscen Inc.
Craig HunterCEO and Co-founderDwelling
Stephen JohnsonCofounder OneChronos
Christina GilbertCo-founderOneSchema
Jason KowalskiFounder & CEOProductWind
Francisco Rodríguez del CampoCo-founderRoddo
Cassio SantosCTO, Co-founderSorting Robotics
Rahul AsatiCTO, Co-FounderAtlas Support Inc
Macarena BaigorriaCEOAvocademy
Cossi AROUKOCEOBujeti Inc
Richard WhiteCEO & FounderFathom
Ty SharpCo-Founder & CEOinBuild
Ian SharpCo-FounderinBuild
Josh SantosCEONoya
Sunday Paul AdahCEO & FounderPay4Me App
Pratik MundraCo-founderPayO
Ligma BoulezCEOPetonc
Suman SharmaCo-founder, CTOProcyon Inc.
Louis BerylCEO & Founder Rocketplace
Vicente GarridoCo-FounderRoddo
Carl MadiCEO and Co-FounderStepful
Abhishek SaxenaCEOunSkript, Inc.
Torben FrieheCEOWingback
Ashar RizqiFounder and CEOBounti.ai
Xavier LesageCEO and co-founderEinstein Studios
Varun SrinivasanCo-FounderFarcaster
Jay CadyCo-FounderHyperframe
Benjamin RouxCo-founderKoala
Anelya GrantCo-foudnerLoopfour Inc.
Julie ScotlandCo-founderPasito
Stephen Van DienCo-founder and CTOPersephone Biosciences
Heang ChanCEO, Co-FounderPrelim
Ira Spector, PhDCEO and Co-founderSFA Therapeutics, Inc.
Sola OgunsakinCTO, Co-founderTerrace
Daniel EunCEOUiflow
Chirath NeranjenaCEOVorticity Inc
Casey BellCEO Aecore Inc
Casey BellCEO Aecore Inc
Amir TarighatCEO and cofounderAgency Cybersecurity
Joshe OrdonezFounder and CEOAirpals
Albert GozziCEOAleph Labs
Manas K VermaCEOAlgoUniversity
Ian CinnamonCEOApex
Gianni MartireCEOApplied Physics
Krzysztof KlimczakCo-founder and CEOAuthologic Inc.
Bebe KimCo-FounderBasis.so
Diego Moyano FounderBiop LLC
Sonny MoCEOBloom
Champ BennettCEO, Co-FounderCapsule
Pranav Raj SreepuramCEOChatwoot
Sasha Medvedovsky CEODiversion
James RichardsCEO & Co-founderEvergrow
Andrew LapicaCEO, FounderFilmFreeway
Yuta MatsudaCo-founderGenomelink, Inc.
Juan Carlos GarzaCo-founderHolacasa
Shadi SaberiCo-founderiSono Health
Dani GrantCEOJam
Alec ellinCEO and cofounderLaylo, inc.
Hamzah ChaudharyCEO and Co-founderLightdash
Tyler BorekCEOLiterably
Haowen ShiCo-founderMach9 Robotics Inc.
Tyler StambaughCOOMAGNETIQ
Christopher HillCOO, Co-founderMassdriver
Cory ODanielCEO & Co-FounderMassdriver
Brent FransonFounder & CEOMost Days
Matt VelkerCEO and Co-founder OpenWrench
Matt VoskaCo-founderOrigami
Stephanie CurrCEO and Co-FounderPersephone Biosciences
Guido GalanterCEOPhilippo
Luca MaraschiCEO, Co-founderPlatformatic inc
Miguel MedinaCEO & CoFounderPlerk
Stefan Seltz-AxmacherCEO & Co-FounderPolymath Robotics
Fernando DiazCEO / Co-founderQapla GG
Kristine YoshiharaCTO, Co-founderQuadrant Eye
Alec RobinsCo-FounderRally
Oren FriedmanCEORally UXR
Roman RosarioCo-founderRealCrowd.com
Ben FirshmanCEOReplicate
Quentin RousseauFounderRootly
Karthik KalyanaramanCo-founder & CTOScale3 Labs
Shayan MashatianFounder and CEOSilverberry
Oban MacTavishCo-founderSpade
Cristian AsenjoCo-founderSpoil you
Kashif SaleemFounderSubscriptionFlow
Angelo HuangCEO, FounderSwifteam Inc.
PhilipCo-founder and CEOTranch Inc.
Maxim PerumalFounder, CEOUNAI
Geoffrey LucksCo-founderVenoStent
Nimit SawhneyCo-Founder, CEOVoatz, Inc.
Tanu VenkateshCEOZiguar Inc
Jimmy ZelinskieCo-founderauthzed
Joselyn LaiCEO/Co-founder Bedrock Energy
Mehrdad ShafaieCOO+CoFounderCoreCare
Benedetta Di RobilantCo-founderDorian therapeutics
Ela MadejCo-founderFifty Years Industries LLC
Alok ShuklaFounder, CEOFunnelStory Inc.
Alok ShuklaFounder, CEOFunnelStory Inc.
Elizabeth GarberCo-founder and Chief Product OfficerIDPartner
Rob McEwanCo-founderKorrAI Technologies
Russell VarrialeCo-founder & COOResolve
Vamsee Founder and CEOSpadeworks ( Edustack Inc)
Gordon HemptonCEOSpot Virtual
Kashif AliFounder & CEOUkama inc.
Chris GilibertiCo-Founder & CEOZestworld
Gleb ArshinovCEO650 Health
Ross ChaninCEOArtifact
George QuraishiCo-founderArtifact
Moncef BiazCTO, Co-founderArtifact Company Inc
Brian MaurerCo-founderBristle Health
Jon GreenwaldCo-Founder & CEOCaira Surgical
Samiur RahmanCEOCanopy Labs, Inc. (dba Heyday)
Karim SalehCEOCerrion
Maria BarreraCEO & co-founder Clayful
Cory BrayCEOCoachCRM
Bhavya Bharat AgarwalCTOCoinfeeds
Hannah OlsonCEODisclo
Jolena MaCo-founderDitto
Thomas LaporteCo-founder HyLight
Philip ScottCo-founder and CEOHyperbeam
Amar GautamFounder & CEOHyperTrader Inc.
Phillip daneshyarCEO Kanda Co
Victor Sadauskas, MDCo-founder & CEOKivo Health, Inc.
Devin AjimineCEO, Co-founderLifeAt
Robert HinckleyCo-founderLovage Labs Inc.
Megan LacyCEO & Co-FounderLumineye Inc.
Anja WinikkaCo-founderMaroo
Sean HuangCo-founder Matidor.com
Frankie Brannon Co-founder Measured
Mohamed Hassan KaneCo-Founder & CEOMedium Biosciences
Frances AnastassacosCofounderNabla Bio, Inc.
Lawrence GentilelloCEO & PresidentOptery
Ignacio MarquezCTOPlutto
Domingo Garcia-HuidobroCEO and Co-founderRuuf
Gaspard de Lacroix-VauboisCEO, Co-founderSKYPHER
Wesley HatherCo-founder Spot Virtual
Birgitt BoschitschCo-Founder & CEOspotLESS Materials Inc.
Ayham EreksousiCo-founder CEOStomio
Michael HananelCEOStrategic Growth Real Estate, Inc.
Mary HernandezCOO and Co-founder Suma Wealth
Joseph LeeCo-Founder & CEOSyncly
Andrew CookCo-founder & CEOTettra
Urvin SonetaCofounder Usesynth.com
Ivan KadicCo-founder, CEO60seconds ltd
Nihar ParikhCo-founderAxle
Cameron DuncanCo-Founder & CEOAxle
Connor HaileyCEOAxle Health
Trent HarveyFounder & CEOCovie
Felipe EchandiCo-founderCuanto
Bobby PinckneyCEO, FounderDiscz Music
Gabe HorwitzCo-foundereqtble
Tanmay ChaudhariCo-founderExcheqr
Michael McIntyreCEO, Co-founderFam
Edward ZhangCo-FounderFam
Mike MahlkowCEOFastgen
Matthew IommiCEOFetii
Brendan FalkCEOFig
Anji IsmailCEOFinnt
Scott SmithCo-founderFizz
Joseph SciarrinoCEOHydra
Ben BotvinickCEOHyper
Tristan TaoCEOHyperArc
Tyler DoermannCTO & co-founder JobWise
Kevin BunarjoSoftware EngineerJoon App, Inc
Nadine ElAshkarCEO founderLilo
Pawel GutCo-founderLoop Support
Jacob Philip CEO MedLever Inc
Ahmed GalalCEONomo
Rishab RamanathanCo-founderOpenlayer
Adam AlpertCEOPangea.app
Vitali KarpeichykCEO, FounderPigPug Health
Wesley ZhengCEO, founderPosh Robotics Inc
Simon WhiteCo-founder & CTORebank
Ron BhattacharyayCEOSail
Leon PunambolamCo-founder & PresidentSamos Insurance
Alexandre WayenbergCEOShape Labs Inc.
Luis Buitrago co-founderTrebol
Fabian R. TorresCEO, Co-founderTrebol Intermediate Holdings, LLC
Daniel JonesFounderVersori Group Inc
Jose Ignacio GalindoCEO Waterplan
Nathan TottenCo-founderZuplo
Dev PatelCo-founderAqua
Zane SalimCEO and Co-founderAtlas
Ankit jain CEO and co-founder Aviator
Johan KersCo-founderBirch Biosciences Inc.
ILYA UsorovCo-founderBoldVoice
Jamie Bacher CEO and Cofounder Boost Biomes
Megan NunesCEO, FounderBountiful
Deepak PrabhakaraCEOBoxyHQ
Kimberly King-BurnsCSO and co-founderBTech American LLC
Anthony ValenteCEOConcord Materials
David BarinasCEO & Co-founderCubo.land
Yash KhandelwalCo-founder, CEODashwave
Chris HorneFounderFilta
Pedro Nascimento FounderFindly
Sanket FirodiyaCo-founderHammr Inc
Raza HabibCEOHumanloop
Théo HoenenCEOHyLight
Pablo MendesCEOKailua Labs
Luke YoungbloodCEOLunar Labs, Inc.
Avi Horowitz CEO, Co-FounderMarco
Avni Patel ThompsonCEOMilo
Daniel BrainCTO / cofounderOneText
Alex Damianou CEO, co-founderOpenAxis
Rachel MunsieCEO and Co-FounderOunce of Care
Yuxin ZhuCEOReplo
Robert thelen CEORownd
Alisha FredrikssonCEOSeabound
Aymeric HalvarssonCEOSlabstack Software, Inc.
Gorka AguirreCeo, Co-founderSnab
Joseph DeMariaCEO & Co-FounderSpecCheck
Nicholas RudderCo-founder & CEO Sphere
Jake ModFounder & CEOSuperwall
Alex LeeCo-founder, CEOTruewind
Michael PhillipsCo-FounderVena Medical
Christopher ShaferCo-founderWell Principled
Ryan RichtFounder & CEOWell Principled
Joseph WingbermuehleCo-founderWell-Principled
Curtis FongerCEO, Co-founderWhalesync
Matthew BuselMatthew Busel, COOWhalesync
Carina CaterCo-founder1stCollab
Ravi ChachraCEO, Co-fouder8vdX
Patrick SkinnerCo-FounderAGAMI, Inc
Nikita ErmoshkinCEOAirhart Aeronautics
Jayme HoffmanCEO & Cofounder Allthing
Sofia PalamarchukCEO, Co-founderApptim
Kaben ClausonCEO, Base Inc.Base
Kaushik TiwariCEO/Co-founderBetter Financial Corporation
TomasCEO - Cofounder Bitbi
Guy ShaharCEOBlee
Jeremy OsborneCo-founderBoundary Layer Technologies
Tunde AdewoleCEOBridgecard Inc
Roger TranCo-founderCinapse
David WinerCofounderCiro
Ross GeigerCEOCiro
Anuj SaigalCEO, Co-FounderDataherald
Will OlsenCEOEngage Biologics Inc.
Reza AzizianCEO, Co-founderFerveret
Mike WadheraCo-founderFifteen Motors, Inc.
Ricky YeanCo-FounderFlow Club
David TranCo-founderFlow Club
Adam NeuwirthCEO & FounderGalaxy
Andres AvilaCEOGenLoyal
Andrew KurlandCEOGreentoe
Sam SteyerCEO, Co-FounderGreenwork
Agustin BlackerCEO, Co-founderHedonix Biosciences
Sam OluwalanaCEOHyperglue
Addwiteey ChrungooCEO and Co-founderJavelin Robotics
Angela FerranteCEO & FounderLaudable
Leandro CastroCo-founderLogica
Carissa CastroCo-Founder and CEOLogica
Edward yeeCo-founderMasref
Brice KleinCOO, Co-FounderMomentum Foods Inc.
Alexandra ScherCEO, FounderMorf Health
Max MergenthalerCEO & Co-FounderNixtla
Beth HoffmanFounder, CEOOrigami Therapeutics, Inc.
Brayden WilmothCo-founderOuterbase
Zara PerumalFounderOverwatch Data
Jack HopkinsCo-FounderPaperplane
David FerrisCo-Founder & CEOPhonic
Pedro VirguezCEOPreki
Quinn WangCEO, FounderQuadrant Eye
Haoyu ZhaFounderQuick Power, inc
Emmanuel TurlayCEO, FounderSematic
Eduardo MussaliCo-Founder & CEOSuperteam
Mark JacobsonFounder & CEOTerrain Analytics
James MurrayCEOTherify
Daniel AkleCEOTrebu
Jacey JonesCEOTripSuite
Sebastian AlvaradoCo-founder CTOValari
Rajiv DahiyaFounder & CEOVoterbee
Guillermo GetteCEO, Co-founderWorkast, Inc.
Keyan KazemianCEO, Co-Founder222
Gladys AdjeiCo-founderAragorn.ai
Craig WatsonCEO and cofounder Arro
Martin Gouy Co-founderArtifact Company Inc.
Garrett BeckCEO / Co-founderAsseta, Inc.
Armaan SikandCOO, Co-FounderAxle
Ian YanuskoCEO, Co-FounderBracket
Jay PatelCTO/ Co-FounderCambio
Blesson AbrahamCEOCambio Financial Health Inc.
Kelsey PedersenCo-Founder & CTOCapsule
Gonzalo Espinoza GrahamCo-founderDouble
SimonCo-founderForward Search
Esteban GorupiczFounder G14t
Tomohiro TakanoCEOGenomelink
Andy PrevalskyCTOHotplate.com
Gaurav AggarwalCEOImmuna
Ianai UrwiczCEOInfinia
Alejandro RettigCo-founderInfinia
Chun JiangCEOInsomnia Labs, Inc. (DBA Monterey AI)
Andres F. Giraldo BCo-Founder and CEOKomuty Inc
Ana OrtizCEO and CofounderLigo
Colin ElsingaCo-founder and COOMetriport
Dima GoncharovCo-founderMetriport Inc.
Leonard BogdonoffCofounderMilk Video
Alex ShorttCTO, Co-founderMise
Jack AmadeoCo-founderNeptyne
Cameron SadlerCEONox
Sean DohertyCo-founderOlli
David MehlmanFounder and CEOOmmyx, LLC
Bryan OneCEOOneleet
chiu chauCEOOpen Shelf
Vincent barrFounder Operator
Brandon StrittmatterCEOOuterbase
Cipriano EchavarriaCo Founder and CEOPalomma
John RamunasCEO and Co-FounderRejuvenation Technologies Inc.
Luis PelleranoCo-founderRuffo
Rahul TarakCEOScalar.video
Graham DoigCEO and FounderSeaflight Technologies Inc.
Eric CiarlaCo-founderSideGuide Technologies Inc.
Mokshith VoodarlaCEO, Co-FounderSieve
Peter SugiharaCEO, Co-founderSofn Inc
Gabriel LopezCEOSynvivia
Dan GoodmanCEO, Co-founderTangia
Naren Sathiya CEOTelivy
Jonathan SukhiaCEO, Co-FounderTopkey, Inc.
James RitchieCo-founderTrigger.dev
Matthew AitkenCEOTrigger.dev
Henson OrserCEO & CoFounderTwo Dots
Alexander MaherCo-Founder and CEOUpLink, Inc.
Charles LehmanCEOUrbanEyes Real Estate Technologies
Jan SchnyderCo-FounderWaveline
Lyn ChenCofounder WebApp.io
Jackson RobertsCEOWorldQL
Michael HuntComptrollerIntegrated Synergy
Molly SwensonCo-founder3Rodeo
Michael YoungCEOAfford Lending
Sergio TorresCEO, Co-FounderAlvva
Mason Alexander ChilmonczykCEO & Co-founderAndson Biotech Inc.
Austin McCoyCEOArtemis Labs
María RomanFounder CEOBeserva
Martin MichelsenCo-founderBidirectional Energy
Connor JansonCo-FounderBidSight
Josh KerberCo-FounderBidSight
Alexander DunnCo-FounderBidSight, Inc.
Yang LiCo-founderBuildt Inc
Jamie Sunderland CEOCheqout
Sumana RaoFounder, CEOCosine IR Inc.
Deepit Patil Co-founderCraze
Patrick HigginsCo-founderFeather Technology Inc.
Danny SheridanCo-founderFern
Rakshit BhardwajCEO, Co-FounderGuru AI
Janvi ShahCo-Founder & CEOHue
Ravi Kashyap BakhaiCEOHypeshot
Scott SwarthoutCEO, Co-founderLavo Life Sciences
Ryan XueCEO, Co-FounderLayup
Forrest BriggsCEO, FounderLifecast Incorporated
Jennifferre MancillasCo-founderLumify Care
James O’DwyerCo-founderMetal
Aman KishoreCo-FounderMirage
Felipe AbelloCEONara
Oscar Rojas Co-founderNara
Max KeenanCEO & CofounderNeedl
Jason HochCo-founderNominal
Nikhil KulkarniCo-FounderNucleus
Evis drenova CEO, Co-FounderNucleus
Kevin LiuCo-founder Numeral
Vickie WanCOO and Co-founderOpenSight
Aditya BhatiaCo-FounderOrangewood Labs
Alex PerelmanCEOPlayhouse
Minh Chung HoangCTO, Co-founderPosh Robotics
Mike CampbellFounderre:mart
Zeno RochaFounder, CEOResend
Kitchener WilsonCEO, Co-founderRosebud Biosciences
Jeremy LeeCEORubbrband
Shariar KabirCEORuby Card
Francisco TolmaskyCEORunKit, Inc.
Ziang XieCEOSapling Intelligence, Inc.
Mike SmithFounder Scrappy Capital
Peter MuellerCo-founderSeaChange
Ayush JasujaCTOSpeedyBrand
Dominic VitucciCEO & FounderSPRX
Dylan MikusCo-founderSupercool Studios, Inc
Diego BaughCo-founderTennr
Michael NusimowCOO and cofounder ThoughtfulGPT, Cofounder DrChronoThoughtfulGPT, DrChrono
Chalam PVSCo-founder and CEOTingo Tech, Inc.
Soren WrennCEO, FounderTITLES
Nir GazitCEO and co-founder Traceloop
Jovan ChoonghFounderTrueplace
Vipul GuptaCo-founderUpTrain
Aditya KajlaCo-founder & CEOWarrant
Fabien DevosCEO and Co-founderWolfia
Naren ManoharanCTO & Co-founderWolfia
Georgy MelkonyanCEO, FounderZerobroker Technologies, Inc.
Nicholas ManskeCEOAiFlow
Joshua GardnerCo-founderaiFlow, Inc.
Itai PeriCTOAllero
Idan ShaharCEOAllero
Arun BahlCEOAloe AI
Mehul ShahCEO, Co-founderAryn, Inc.
Arwin RahmatpanahCEO, Co-FounderAthvest, Inc.
Rangel MilushevCEO, Co-founderBabylonAI, Inc.
Kurt EricsonGeneral ManagerBlack Tulip Labs LLC
Edouar GodfreyCo-founderBlocktool
Michael SkupienCEOBloomry, inc.
Michael EganCEOBunting Labs
Brendan AshworthCo-founderBunting Labs, Inc.
Daryl SewCofounder, CTOCertainly Health
Hari BhaskaranCEO, FounderCisterna Biologics, Inc.
Conrad LillenessCEO and co-founder Conduit
Kara HolinskiCTO, co-founderConfido
Ravin Thambapillai CEOCredal.ai
Will StithFounderDecoherence
Michael ShiCo-Founder & CEODeploySentinel
Chris NavridesCEO, Co-FounderDev Tools, inc
Neha NupoorCo-FounderDevpod
Kaushik SrinivasanCTO and Co-founder Devpod
Merwane DraiCEO, Co-founderDumme
Cadran CowansageCEO, FounderElpha, Inc.
Gabriel BirnbaumCEOEmittance
Nizar BatadaCEO and Co-FounderEugit Therapeutics
Padmanabhan KrishnamurthyCEO, co-FounderEzDubs
Amrutavarsh Kinagico-CEO, co-FounderEzDubs
Neil MadsenCEOFabius Technologies, Inc.
Pranav PiyushCEOFasTrak, Inc.
Zachary KimCo-founderFloat
Dereck PaulCofounder & CEOGlass Health
George MoromisatoCo-founderGridWhale Corporation
Marcio von MuhlenCOO, Co-founderHome3
Aviraj SinghCTO, Co-founderHostfi
Jacob ShadboltCo-founderIcePanel
Victor LeachCo-FounderIcePanel Technologies Inc.
Robert TranCo-founderinkeep
Kamil KisielewiczCo-founder and CEOInterlock Labs
Alex ReyesCo-founder & CEOInternet Friends
Karine MellataCEOIntrinsic
Joey FloresFounder Inversion Art
David PaffenholzCo-FounderJuicebox
Andrew McCalisterCEOKickpay
Anh-Tuan BuiCo-CEOKonfig
Fengjiao PengCo-founder, CEOKURUKURU Inc
Arvind SonthaCEO, Co-FounderKyber
Sav GadooCo-founderKyber
Logan FrederickCo-founderLexer
Zheng Hao Tanco-founder, CTOLexer
Noah ElionCEOLovd.com
Jinjing LiangCEO, FounderLovecast Inc.
Tanvi SurtiCEOLuca
Avi RomanoffCEO & FounderMagic Circle Studio, Inc
Sai AroraFounder & CEOMercoa
Alexander DanilowiczCo-FounderMirrorful
Youssef RizkCo-founderMoonshot
Vishnu MenonCo-founderNebula
Shanelle RomanCEONebula
Harrison TelyanCo-FounderNUMI
Will EdwardsCEO, Co-founderOfOne
Matt SunCEOPaigo Inc.
Viraj RaiCo-FounderPlanar
Stefan AleksicCEOPlasmo Corp.
Brooke LeBlancCEO, FounderPoint Five
Caleb JohnCo-founderPongo Technologies Inc.
Evan ChuCo-founderPoplarML
Danna LiuCo-FounderPoplarML
Andy WangCeoPorter
Amey ChauguleCEOProbably Nothing Labs
Pablo RojasCo-founder, CEOProtego Solutions
Luigi La CorteCEO and co-founderProvision
Daniel HabibFounderQuickvid
Ali JiwaniCEORally
Adam HooperCEORealCrowd
Jason MarmonCo-founderResync
Nicholas KisselCo-founderRivet
Joe WatkinsCo-founderStoryboarder
Charles FormanCEOStoryboarder, Inc.
Matt JosephFounderSuperconnector
Diego MarcosCEOSupermedium
Peter MartonCEO, Co-founderTailfin Cloud, Inc.
Ruby YuCo-founderTerraferma Foods
Apoorve SinghalCEO & Co-founderTersho
Charles WehanCEO, Co-FounderThe ORCA Network, Inc.
Thaddeus AllenCEOTradewind BioScience, Inc.
Lawrence AbrahamCo-founderTreehouses, Inc
Stew FortierCEO & Co-FounderType
Trevor BlackwellCEOUmbrella Research
Yashar NejatiCEO, Co-FounderUppercase
Alejandro PozoCEOValari
Deontae MackFounderVibesbnb
Kunal GuptaCo-founderWithfriends
Nadja MannowetzCo-Founder & CSOYourChoice Therapeutics, Inc.
Michele Van RuitenCEO, Co-founder Capsule
Faraz KhanFounderCarry
Fatih CelikbasCEOChart
Lukas Kelsey-FriedemannFounderCherrry
Matt KrisiloffCEOConception Biosciences, Inc.
Ben SenderFounderConstant
Daniel MaasFounderCorePlane Inc
Norris Krueger, PhDfounderEntrepreneurship Northwest
Yakov IlinCEOGlowbom
Ben KlenkCEOHotplate.com
Adam SommerCEOKable
Adam KearneyCEO, FounderModern University
Vera KutsenkoCEONeverland
Jose AkleFounderOknani
Min Ming LoCEO, FounderOpenexus Inc.
Ethan PerlsteinFounder & CEOPERLARA PBC
Felipe Aragao PiresCEOPortalform Inc.
Ben BrooksCEOsixc Inc.
Filip SalamonFounderTrewio Media LLC
Zach KirshcCo-founderFern
Graham RamseyCo-founderGlass Health
Sebastien PahlFounderNot incorporated yet
Chris SodergrenFounderObvious, Inc.
Jordan VincentCo-founderPorter
Robert Morrisformer CEOTerrAvion
Leon LinCo-founder and CEO1stCollab
Ryan RichCo-founder and CPOAccord
Dhruv GoelCo-founderAerotime, Inc.
Alexander GillisCEOAG, Inc.
Ray SturmCEO, FounderAlphaFlow
Charles WeillFounderAntifragile Research Inc
Rohan MarwahaCEO and Co-FounderAqua Platform, Inc.
Kunal GosarCEO, CofounderArcus Inc.
Owen RapaportCo-founder & CEOArgus
Hayley LeibsonCEO & FounderAstrapilot
Aaron SlodovCEOAtomic Industries, Inc.
Andre Woodley JrFounderAutodial
Subbu RamaCEO BalkanID
Andrew LuoCo-founderBaseplate
Marco TurettaCo-founderBlink
Nicolas BustamanteCEOBlocktool
Chad RemeschCo-founderBlue Frog Gaming
Brian MurrayCo-founderCabal
Sheena AllenCEO and Founder CapWay
Navin VaradarajanCo-founderCellChorus
Tom SharonFounder & COOCheqout
Greg KuferaCEO and Co-founderCinapse
Jason RudinFounderClad
Darby WongCEOClerky
Ryan HallCTO, Co-founderCoil
Gokul PrabhakaranCEO Communion
Stan GolubchikCEO, Co-founderContraForce
Ashesh jainCEOCoram AI
Hesham GhandourCo-founder Dapi Inc
Kathryn BambinoCo-founderDating Ring, Inc.
Bharath Ramsundar CEODeep Forest Sciences
Abdullah Al-HayaliCo-founderDice AI
Adam GothelfCo-founderDisclosures.io
Brian LeCo-founderDuffl
Julia ZhengCEODyneti Technologies, Inc.
Katelyn GleasonCEOEligible Inc
Leonardo TeixeiraCOO, Co-founderEndpoint Health
Moses ImCEOFairway Health
Pradeep ElankumaranCo-founder & CEOFarmstead
Pritika MehtaCEOFashion Bakers Inc
Austin CameronCEOFormulate Labs
Oscar MartinezCo-FounderGradientJ
Xian KeFounderGroveFlow
James RubenFounder, CEOHellosaurus
Guilhem HerailCEO, FounderHermes Robotics
Alvaro SosaCo-founderHero
Yansen ZhouFounderIcarus Lab Inc.
Dipo AreoyeCo FounderIcon
Ryan PawellCEOIndee Labs
Patrick GrossmannCEO & co-founderInvitris
Daniel GomariFounder and CEOiollo
RogerCEOJeda Products, Inc
Aldan CreoFounderJEF Galicia
Amar KumarCEOKaiPod Learning
Martin SchrimpffCEO and Co-founderKocomo
Flowsion ShekarCEO, FounderKoreaboo
Daniel O'SheaCo-founderLaskie
Jeremy YamaguchiCEOLawn Love
Spencer CassidyCo-founder & CEOLifeLegacy
TuvalFormer CEOLoop Genomics
Chetan KulhariCo-founderMagic
Orlando LiCo-founderMalama Health
Sabih MirCEO, FounderMederva Health
Adil YusufCo-founder, CTOMedium Biosciences
Manav SevakFounder, CEOMemora Health
Kevin HuCEOMetaplane
Miguel LaraCEO and Co-founderMicroHealth
Juan Luis PerezCOOMilio
Liam BerrymanFounder, CEONelumbo
Johannes vermandoisCEO, FounderNorthwind
Nathaniel Masfen-YanCo-CEO and Co-FounderNotebook Labs
Agree AhmedCEONUMI
Ruoni WangCEOOpenSight
Mirella MashiachCo-FounderOutput Biosciences
Charles BaiCTOPaces
Liz YiCo founder Petuum
Matteo CollinaCo-FounderPlatformatic
Alexa GrabellCEOPocus
Jason SoteroFounder Private Equity Insider
Carlos Gonzalez de VillaumbrosiaFounder & CEOProduct School
Anna MatalonCEOPurpose Finance
Christopher ChaeCo-founderRelate (Pixelic, Inc.)
Chris TsaiCEO and Co-FounderResolve
Lisha Xiang LiCEORosebud AI
Yaser KhalighiCEO, FounderSceneBox
Edward RidgelyCEOSeal
Jack RyderCEO & CofounderSecured
Martin WilleminkCEO, Co-founderSegmed, Inc.
Cy NajjarCEOSensio Air Inc.
Ayush PateriaCEOSnazzy
Yarden HorwitzCofounder Spate
Ranti DevCEO, Co-founderSpeedyBrand
Tressia HobeikaCo-founderStepful
Jake RuthCEO & Co-founderStock Unlock
Ruming ZhenCEO, cofounderSuger
Josh ArcherCo-Founder & CTOSutra Fitness, Inc.
Michael AstreikoCEOSynder
Victoria MoCEOTen Lives
Michael LaiCEOTinycare
Umar AfridiFounderTruepill
Zac WellmerCTO, Co-foundertupelo
Seyed MadaeniCEO Co-FounderVerse
Ivan NovikovCEOWallarm
Omar ThanawallaFounder Watu
Akash BakshiCEOYourChoice Therapeutics
Juan Pablo OrtegaFounder and CEOYuno


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