YC Jobs Series: Women Engineers in Startups

by Paige Omura9/2/2022

This fall, we are hosting our second annual Women Engineers in Startups program. The program brings together a cohort of women engineers who are interested in finding roles at fast growing startups.

YC will host a 3-week-long series where participants meet once a week for two-hour sessions. During these sessions, you will hear from women founders, women who joined YC startups as early engineers and engineering managers, and startup recruiters. You’ll build a community of peers and learn about building a career at a tech startup. The program will culminate in interviews at YC startups who are excited to hire their next engineers.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Why join a startup and what are the pros and cons
  • How to determine where you should work and what should you look for in a startup and founding team
  • How to prepare for the interview process – including live feedback on your interview skills from technical recruiters

Each week, we will also host intimate breakout sessions with founders, engineers and hiring managers to dig deeper into startups and navigating your career. Our speakers come from a variety of YC startups – from early stage to growth stage – including:

If you are a software engineer who is considering or already looking for your next role, this series is for you. We want to help you transition to a startup.

To apply for the program, visit YC’s Work at a Startup, create a profile, and apply to the program by September 13th. (Note that profiles are visible to YC founders and hiring managers at YC startups. If you’re not ready to share your profile, please specify so on the application.)

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At YC, we use an inclusive definition of “women” and welcome trans women as well as genderqueer and non-binary people who identify as women or femme in any way.


  • Paige Omura

    Paige is Operations & Programs Manager at YC, running programs to help YC companies hire top talent. She previously led operations at early-stage hard tech startups.