Y Combinator Top Companies - August 2022

by Y Combinator8/23/2022

Today we’re excited to release an update to the YC Top Companies list.

The list includes private and acquired companies valued at $150M or more as of July 31, 2022, and is sorted by valuation (YC’s public companies are featured here).

We’ve also published an update to the YC Breakthrough Companies list which highlights fast-growing companies that have received significant additional investment from YC. You can read more about some of the Breakthrough Companies here, and congrats to Breadfast, the newest Breakthrough addition.

Here are some stats about the August 2022 YC Top Companies list:

  • There are now 15 public YC companies, 316 private YC companies that are valued at over $150M, and over 80 are valued at over $1B.
  • 63 companies have been added to the list since our last update in February 2022.
  • 76% of the companies consider themselves remote or remote friendly. 59% have an HQ located in the Bay Area.
  • YC W16 has the largest percentage of companies from their batch on the YC Top Companies list. See the YC W16 companies here.

Here’s a sector breakdown of our Top Companies:

B2B Software and Services: 43.3%
Healthcare: 11.5%
Education: 2.7%
Consumer: 13.3%
Financial Technology: 18.8%
Real Estate and Construction: 3.0%
Industrials: 7.0%
Government: .3%

Congrats to all of the YC founders who are building these amazing companies!

Meet some of the featured companies on the list and learn more about the founders, their missions, and the predictions they have for the future. To see a full list of YC companies, visit the YC Startup Directory.


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