YC Career Coaching

by Y Combinator1/31/2023

Today, YC is launching Career Coaching for job seekers actively looking to work at a startup. At Work at a Startup, where job seekers create a single profile to apply to hundreds of top YC startups, we’ve been offering 1-1 career support for people in the YC network throughout the pandemic. We’re excited to provide this free service to even more people and help them navigate the job market and evaluate the 1,200+ open jobs across YC’s community.

The services we’re providing to Career Coaching participants include:

  • Resume review. Get personalized tips and tricks to improve your resume and your profile on the Work at a Startup platform to stand out from the crowd.
  • Live AMA events. Direct, no-BS advice from Ryan Choi (7th engineer at Salesforce, PM at Lyft, & current Director at YC) on picking the startup best for you and landing a job.
  • Job recommendations & intros. Browse over 1,200 jobs at YC startups and let us make recommendations and intros to founders based on your career goals and interests.

Our advice and programming has helped hundreds of thousands of job seekers craft a better resume and land their next job. Our feedback is helpful, regardless of whether you apply and land at a YC company or not. Sign up below — we’re excited to meet you.

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