Meet 8 YC startups that are hiring right now

by Ryan Choi4/9/2020

Many YC startups are actively hiring on Work at a Startup across engineering, product, design, marketing and more. We asked founders to shoot a 30-second video describing their businesses and open roles. Meet them below:

About each company:

  • Curebase is a CRO and software platform for distributed clinical trials. Hiring: Software Engineer, Trial Manager and Product Manager.
  • Curtsy makes it easy for women to buy and sell clothes from their phone. Hiring: Product Design and Software Engineer.
  • OneSignal creates developer APIs for push notifications, in-app messaging, and email. Hiring: Front-end, Mobile, Back-end and Senior Engineers.
  • PostEra provides chemistry-as-a-service to design and synthesize molecules faster and at a lower cost. Hiring: Software and ML Engineer.
  • Rosebud AI creates software generated photos for advertising and marketing. Hiring: Deep-learning Engineer.
  • Soteris creates ML software to route and price insurance risk. Hiring: ML and Back-end Engineer.
  • Tovala makes home-cooked meals effortless. Hiring: Software Engineer, Marketing, and Social Media Manager.
  • Eternal is a rewards program for gamers. Hiring: Product Design and Front-end Engineer.

And if you’re looking for a new job, apply with a single profile to over 400 YC startups on Work at a Startup.


  • Ryan Choi

    Ryan works with YC companies to find great engineers — from 2-person startups to larger ones like Airbnb, Stripe and Instacart.