YC Meetup on Building Open Source Software Startups

by Y Combinator3/16/2023

We're hosting a small reception at our office in San Francisco, on April 11th at 5pm PT, for people who are interested in the growing trend of Open Source Software startups. We've funded over 75 OSS companies to date and we’re especially excited about them.

If you’re interested in maybe starting an open source company someday, this is a good opportunity to get to know some of the top founders in this area and hear the latest best practices.

We’ll host a panel with:
Solomon Hykes, co-founder of Docker and Dagger
Matt DeBergalis, co-founder of Apollo GraphQL (valued over $1B)
Umur Cubukcu, co-founder of Citus Data (acquired by Microsoft) and now Visiting Group Partner at Y Combinator
Reshma Khilnani, co-founder of MedPlum and former Visiting Group Partner at Y Combinator

and also a short talk from Daniel Gackle who runs Hacker News.

After the panel, we’ll have a cocktail reception. We’ve invited many other founders of YC Open Source Software companies so you can get to know them 1-1. YC Group Partners will be around if you want to bounce around ideas about possible startups.

We have limited space and expect the event to be over-subscribed. Please complete the form below, and we’ll reach out if we can offer you a spot at the event.

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