YC Updates and Additions

by Sam Altman1/8/2016

Y Combinator
now has 5 major groups—YC Fellowship, YC Core, YC Continuity, YC Research, and
Hacker News—and we’re putting one person in charge of each group.

Buchheit is taking over for me as managing partner of the core YC program.

We’re going
to continue doing YC Fellowship (!), and Kevin Hale is going to be the managing
partner of that.

As we’ve
already announced, Ali Rowghani is the managing partner of YC Continuity, and
Dan Gackle runs Hacker News.

As YC’s President I will spend
my time across the three investment programs (YC Fellowship, YC Core, and YC Continuity), and will also run YC Research
until we find someone to run it full-time.

Kirsty Nathoo is going to be the CFO across the entire YC group, and Carolynn
and Jon Levy are going to be the General Counsels across the YC group too.

While we’re
on the topic of who does what, I wanted to share two other roles that people
outside of YC ask about a lot.  Each partner at YC is responsible for specific
areas, but these are the ones that interface with external people most often.

Caldwell is going to be responsible for admissions to the core program and also
for our efforts to stay engaged with alumni companies.

Kat Mañalac
is responsible for the outreach efforts we do to meet potential new founders,
and she’ll also be working closely with Kevin on the Fellowship. 

Finally, we
have a few new additions to the team to announce.

Krisiloff is working with Kevin on YC Fellowship (he’ll also be doing some work
on YC Research).  Matt previously
co-founded a mental health directory that helped people find good therapists,
and before that he studied at University of Chicago.

Denis Mars is
working with Dalton on admissions for YC Core. Denis is a YC alumni (he was the
founder of Meetings.io) and the founder of several other successful
companies.  He was also the Chief
Engineer of a Formula 3 championship-winning team.

Verena Prescher is working with Kirsty as the Controller of YC
Continuity. Prior to joining Y Combinator, Verena was the Controller at
Felicis Ventures.  Previously, Verena was a tax manager in PwC’s Asset
Management practice, providing tax compliance and consulting services to
investment partnerships with a primary focus on the venture capital and real
estate industries.


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  • Sam Altman

    Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI. He was the president of YC from 2014-2019. He studied computer science at Stanford, and while there, worked in the AI lab.