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YC’s Fall Tour 2021

by Tamanna Khemani9/9/2021

We are excited to kick off our virtual Fall Tour, and below is a list of thecities and schools we are visiting. We’ll host talks with YC Group Partners,Investors, Executives and Alumni who’ve built successful companies in differentregions and verticals. They’ll talk about how they got started, themisconceptions that exist around starting startups, and they’ll answer questionsfrom founders and future founders in the audience.

YC’s Spring Tour 2021

by Tamanna Khemani1/25/2021

We are excited to announce our 2021 Spring Outreach Tour. On this tour, our goalis to virtually meet founders and future founders from cities and universitiesaround the world.At each location, we will host talks with YC group partners and YC alumni, whowill discuss their founder journey, YC experience and myths around startingstartups.Interested in applying to YC? Applications for YC Summer 2021 are now open.

YC’s Fall Tour 2020

by Tamanna Khemani9/2/2020

Twice a year (fall and spring), we visit cities and universities around theworld. Our goal is to meet founders and future founders, introduce them to theYC community, and share what we’ve learned from helping thousands of startups launch and grow.Below is a list of the cities we are visiting virtually this fall. In each ofthese cities, we’ll host talks with YC partners and alumni who built successfulcompanies in different regions.

Open Office Hours: Sign up for Office Hours with YC Partners

by Tamanna Khemani8/14/2020

We’re delighted to announce that YC is hosting online office hours for startupfounders every Friday throughout the month of September.If you’re in the early stages of building a company, we’d love to meet you —anyone from idea stage through Series A, and any non-profit is welcome to signup.