Enhancing financial underwriting & investing with fine-tuned AI models

8vdx is building fine tuned AI/ML models to massively scale up the capabilities for funds to analyze and underwrite debt and equity securities including RBF, MBS, ABS, CLOs and other fixed income securities. 8vdx also has a venture marketplace which raises funds from accredited investors to invest in Y Combinator startups and offers AI powered vertical CRM software to venture funds and angels.

Jobs at 8vdx

Mumbai, MH, IN / Remote (Mumbai, MH, IN; Bengaluru, KA, IN; Pune, MH, IN; DL, IN)
₹2M - ₹5M INR
1+ years
Team Size:11
Location:Norwalk, CT

Active Founders

Ravi Chachra

Ravi is an experienced serial entrepreneur and has invested in over 55 YC companies. In 1999, he co-founded SNAZ, a mobile wallet and universal shopping cart. After the Dot.com bust, he set up a fund to acquire busted convertibles bonds of technology companies that could thrive in the future. In 2005, Ravi co-founded 8vdX, a YC backed fundraising marketplace for early stage startups. Ravi holds a Degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Finance from Wharton School.

Ravi Chachra
Ravi Chachra

Vijay Lavhale

Vijay is an accomplished and effective investment professional with substantial experience in Investment Management. Prior to founding 8vdX, he worked at a credit platform managed by Eight Capital and J.C. Flowers & Co. He also previously worked at Goldman Sachs, where he used his tech and finance skills to help global clients with FX hedging strategies. He is an IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore graduate where he was part of the Director’s Merit List. He has passed all 3 levels of the CFA Program.

Vijay Lavhale
Vijay Lavhale

Company Launches

Hello, YC community! We're Ravi and Vijay, data enthusiasts and startup founders who've faced the significant challenge of quantifying startup success. Through our experiences in building and growing companies, we've recognized a glaring need in the market for transparent, accessible benchmarking and valuation metrics—tools that rely on data rather than just intuition or incomplete data. Here is a quick demo.

What Yardstick Offers:

Yardstick delivers comprehensive tools for accurately benchmarking startup performance and estimating valuations. Our platform utilizes an extensive dataset of startup performance metrics, providing growth rate percentiles to precisely position startups against a broad database. Moreover, Yardstick computes valuation estimates through sophisticated models that analyze KPIs in relation to valuation data and qualitative insights from hundreds of startups.

The Problem and Our Journey:

Navigating the vibrant startup ecosystem, we found that evaluating these ventures has traditionally been more art than science_. Our experience in assessing hundreds of early-stage startups for equity and debt investments revealed the difficulty of understanding their market standing without resorting to costly market research or external consultants_. This challenge inspired the creation of Yardstick.

Our Solution:

Yardstick seamlessly integrates into the workflows of fintechs, investors, and entrepreneurs wanting to underwrite a startup’s performance. Our solution offers not just KPI benchmarking but also insights into current valuations. With both an API and a user-friendly web application, Yardstick serves both technical and non-technical users, ensuring comprehensive accessibility.

Give it a try:

We are thrilled to introduce Yardstick and are eager for your feedback. Whether you are a fintech looking to perform KPI benchmarking on potential clients, an investor in need of data-driven tools, or a startup founder trying to understand where your startup stacks up against peers or what should be the latest valuation based on current traction, we invite you to try out Yardstick (without a need to sign up!) and share your insights. For those interested in integrating our tools directly, check out our API documentation.

We look forward to your feedback!

Thank you,

Ravi and Vijay

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