Python-based BPM

Scale business processes with orchestrated scripts, integrations and UIs. Skip engineering hours, stay auditable & lock-in free.

Team Size:10
Location:Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Active Founders

Bruno Vieira Costa

I'm Bruno, founder of Abstra. I'm a computer engineer and programmer since 7. Previous Abstra, I co-founded an edtech called PaperX where I was CTO. I sold it during college to Descomplica (biggest edtech in Brazil) where I worked after as Product Manager and Tech Lead. Also, I co-founded a Game Studio called Sinextra where I was Game Designer before college. I love all kind of creative activities, from making music, comics, games or software.

Bruno Vieira Costa
Bruno Vieira Costa

Company Launches

TL;DR: Abstra is a Python-based workflow engine to design and manage custom business processes with no overhead, powered by AI. Merge automated tasks with manual reviews, gain real-time insights into operations, and track history with git-compatible versioning & auditable logs.


The Big Problem

Every company faces growing pains – new people must be hired, work needs to scale, more compliance regulations come knocking.

Suddenly, building better internal processes becomes critical – think onboarding, CS or financial systems. Ideally they're fast to build, easy to manage and audit, and intuitive for everyone.

However, the top of mind solutions have tough trade-offs.

  • Choose no-code for speed, but lose customization and auditability – and end up with un-debuggable mess of automations no one truly understands.
  • Opt to build in code for refinement, but sacrifice months of expensive work from engineers, who are focused on critical product tasks.

At this intersection of agility, power and governance, Abstra was born 🐣

Our Workflows

With Abstra Workflows, teams can spin up robust business process automation in Python as fast as they would with no-code, freeing up valuable time.

Design and orchestrate fully custom flows for solutions that fit seamlessly into your processes.

And not only devs: with our AI features, anyone with basic Python skills can safely get autonomy from engineering teams. No technical overhead and countless out-of-box benefits, such as compliant logging, refined access control and custom notifications.

See beyond basic task automation to tame critical company processes, with full visibility into your challenges.

How to get started

If you currently need to automate any company process and you tick one of these boxes:

  • You are struggling with no or low-code tools
  • You have critical scripts running locally in someone's machine
  • You need to give non-technical team members autonomy
  • You want visibility into how processes are being edited and executed
  • You are a Python fan

Abstra was made for you. Book a quick chat here – get 22% off if you sign up by May 8th.

Check out abstra.io for more!