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Secure Enterprise Collaboration.

AeroFS enterprise file sync and share & collaboration solution deploys on your infrastructure. Your files remain secured by your own security protocols, removing the risk associated with relying on your vendors to secure your data. The service has a Dropbox like user experience. Now, both the end user and the IT team can both get what they are looking for out of a file sharing tool. We are funded by some of Silicon Valley's best investors and entrepreneurs: Avalon Ventures A16Z Seed YCombinator SVAngel Chris Sacca (Lowercase Capital) Maynard Webb (COO eBay) Jerry Yang (Founder Yahoo!) Paul Buchheit (Founder FriendFeed) We're hiring! You will have the opportunity to work as part of a small team. This means that you will be "CEO" of whatever you create. Our size gives us agility in ways that large companies do not have: We push out code almost daily (on a desktop platform!) to thousands of users. We're not just building a company; we're building a family. Many of us are new to the area, so company trips, get togethers, and BBQs are par for the course!

Team Size:11
Location:Palo Alto