AI support agents to solve the tickets that reach humans

We are helping CX teams reduce ticket volumes by 50-70%, by training AI Agents from the best human agents. We seamlessly connect to their CRM, help center and backoffice to train human-level agents.

Team Size:2
Location:Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Ohad Navon

Launch AI support chatbot that grew Roundforest from $200M to $1B GMV within 18 months. Saved Google $100M in fraud prevention as an engineer. Data science at McKinsey. Graduated at 19. Dan 2 black belt in Krav Maga

Ohad Navon
Ohad Navon

Nadav Zamir

Launched the Chinese Google Photos as Director of AI at Alibaba, becoming the #1 app in China. Ex-CTO & Co-founder at Galigu, search engine for VR, raised money, launched product, but VR wasn’t there yet. Built the world’s first wireless VR headset at Intel launched at CES by Intel's CEO.

Nadav Zamir
Nadav Zamir

Company Launches

Hey YC fam, we’re Ohad and Nadav, founders of Octo.

Octo is an AI agent that actually replaces support outsourcing - it can take actions via APIs, read help center article, and email/chat with customers

Top support teams from top 500 Amazon brands to fintech unicorns are using Octo to replace 70% of their support team.

Support teams can’t build good chatbots

After chatting with 100+ support teams we found that support teams lack the tools to build good bots, and even simple issues like refunds are often escalated to human agents.

Here’s a real screenshot from one of our customers who spent 6 months building their chatbot (which was ultimately implemented by professional services team at Intercom!), resulting in <15% of tickets solved.

Octo resolves 70% of tickets instantly

Octo makes it really easy to connect to the CRM, help center articles and internal systems via APIs, to instantly generate human-level AI agents from historical data.

There are 3 main reasons our AI agents can solve more tickets:

  1. Taking actions via APIs - based on our real-world experience about 80% of tickets require pulling customized data or take actions on behalf of customers.
  2. Learning from past tickets - enabling significantly higher accuracy and eliminating the frequency of AI hallucinations. Technically speaking we’ve built retrieval augmented generation that can easily generalize across customers and industries.
  3. Multi-party conversations - much of the work of human agents often involves tasks outside of the ticket itself like investigating delays with couriers.

Built by AI Engineers

Octo’s accuracy draws from Nadav’s experience as Director of AI at Alibaba where he built and launched LLMs to improve Alibaba search used by millions of consumers every day.

The idea was born when Ohad launched an AI support chatbot that took Roundforest to $1B GMV.

The ask

  • Take Octo for a spin - tell us what’s your most painful support use case and we’ll create a personalized demo of Octo based on your support context.
  • Spread the love - if you can think of other support teams that are overworked and looking to automate their customer support we’d really appreciate and introduction 🙏

Sounds interesting to you? Email us at founders@getocto.ai

YC Sign Photo

YC Sign Photo