We make it easy to get great ObGyn care in-person and over telehealth

Almond is like One Medical but for women’s health: we make it easy to get great ObGyn care fast, both at our in-person offices and over telehealth. The problem with traditional ObGyn practices is that physician time is misused, so patients get slow care. We're rebuilding back-office tech that saves physicians time, and we're hiring a wider range of care providers roles, which let us deliver better outcomes to patients and reduce the amount of time it takes to get their issue resolved.

Team Size:8
Location:Los Angeles, CA

Active Founders

Tara Raffi

- McKinsey consultant; served large US hospital systems - Early Ops and Marketing team member at Factual, a location-data tech company - Built McKinsey’s internal tech incubator; grew fund to $50M invested globally and hired team of 5, focused on user-centered design and healthcare

Tara Raffi
Tara Raffi

Carly Allen

Carly Allen (Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer of Almond) built her career in CAA's marketing division. Her background is in marketing and entertainment. She was Head of Production for global campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Marriott, Chipotle, and Bonobos, among others. Her focus has been in building purpose driven brands, which is desperately needed in the ObGyn space. Her late father was an ObGyn so she is deeply connected to this space.

Carly Allen
Carly Allen

Company Launches

We’re Tara and Carly, and we’re excited to introduce Almond: we’re building a better healthcare experience for women 🌸 ✨


Almond is like One Medical but for women’s health: we make it easy to get great ObGyn care, both at our in-person office and over telehealth.

We’re growing quickly. Even before we opened our first location we hit $90k run rate revenue, and we’re booking out 3 weeks in advance.

You can book an appointment with us in LA. Our first full service clinic just opened in Los Angeles (see a couple of photos below)!! Book an appointment at www.almondobgyn.com or call 424-237-8406. Share with your friends and family to help the women in your life have a better option for ObGyn care.

Membership is affordable and we take all major insurance.

  • Membership is $250 annually but our founding members can get their first year of membership for $150.
  • For visits, you can either use insurance or pay out of pocket. We accept Cigna, Aetna, Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, and United HealthCare.

ObGyn today is broken

As women, we’ve had too many frustrating experiences with our ObGyn care. We may love our doctors but the process around seeing the doctor can be terrible: long hold times to schedule, waiting a month or longer for an appointment, and often leaving an appointment with unclear next steps. Our modern world gives us so many great service experiences, yet when it comes to the most important aspect of our lives – our health – we are forced to put up with a slow, confusing process.

Billions of dollars have been poured into modernizing primary care, yet women are still waiting for a better option for ObGyn care. The overturning of Roe is a harsh reminder that women still aren’t given the resources or the rights to be full decision makers over their own bodies. We are building Almond because women deserve better.

Why better ObGyn care matters

The impact of better ObGyn care is massive. There are 130M women in the US and they all need ObGyn care every year. On top of that, ObGyn is where women typically have their first intense, high stakes experiences with healthcare. We spend $200B a year on ObGyn care in the US; it is the second largest specialty by spend, after only primary care. Yet currently, women don’t have a brand they can trust and where they know they’ll have a great experience.

At Almond we believe women should have an extraordinary care experience: one that offers quality, transparent care, delivered faster.

We’re freeing up the ObGyn’s time so they can focus on what matters most

One of the first problems to tackle in ObGyn care is that doctor time is used inefficiently, wasting already limited ObGyn capacity. This makes access to care slow, and patients often feel their questions are unaddressed or they get unfit care.

We’re able to make care more convenient because we use doctor time better – we build software tools to take unnecessary tasks off their plates and we hire a wider range of care providers, not just doctors. By freeing up time for ObGyns they can spend more time on what matters most – delivering great care in every interaction, and seeing the patients that need their attention sooner.

We also believe getting ObGyn care should feel like a true-self care experience for patients, so our offices and software are designed to be convenient, reliable, and intuitive.

We would love your help

  1. We are hiring engineers. We’re particularly interested in meeting people who are passionate about what we are working on – e.g., they are women that have felt this pain themselves or are energized by the idea of building a better health system in the US. Here are our JDs for backend and frontend eng roles. For any interested candidates, please reach out to us at hello@almondobgyn.com.
  2. Book an appointment at www.almondobgyn.com or call 424-237-8406. And share with your LA-based friends and family!
  3. We are hiring gynecologists. If you know somebody great who wants to change the way women’s health is delivered in the US, please send them our way at hello@almondobgyn.com!