Bamboo ― the first online brokerage service for Africans and their…

Bamboo is the first online brokerage service that gives wealthy Africans and their wealth managers direct access to the US and global securities. We’re building Fidelity for the African continent. For wealthy Africans and their asset managers, investing in the global capital markets is cumbersome, expensive and practically inaccessible. In Nigeria, Africa's largest economy and home to 30% of all the wealth in Sub Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa), 99.99% of the investing population do not have access to invest globally. Even for the 0.01%, if you wanted to buy a US stock, you’d have to call your asset manager who would then call an international broker to execute a trade. This is inefficient & expensive! We have a mobile app that allows individuals trade the US stock markets by themselves and a brokerage tool for asset managers to execute trades directly & manage multilple portfolios seamlessly.

Richmond Bassey
Yanmo Omorogbe