AI coworkers to automate browser work, in minutes.

Basepilot builds AI coworkers that collaborate with humans to automate work across the browser. They learn from what you do and you can teach them new skills, just by demonstration. Companies using Basepilot save 30% of their time and resources per week, freeing up time for more high-value tasks. Basepilot is founded by Ken, who previously led a fintech-product to 3M users in <12 months, and Pascal, who worked on robotics & self-driving at Carnegie Mellon and Mercedes-Benz Research. Interested to try it out? Get started here: https://www.basepilot.com/ YC Launch: https://www.ycombinator.com/launches/KcS-basepilot-your-ai-employee-to-automate-repetitive-browser-work-in-minutes

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Ken Hendricks

I’m Ken, co-founder and CEO of Basepilot. We build AI coworkers that collaborate with humans to automate work. Prior to Basepilot, I led product at a B2B fintech startup and grew it to 3M users in <12 months, with customers like Visa and Bank of America. Before that, I built a computer vision startup out of university that reached $250K ARR with partnerships like Deloitte, KPMG, EY and BMW. Born in Mumbai, brought up in New Zealand, before moving to SF. Studied Mechatronics eng.

Ken Hendricks
Ken Hendricks

Pascal Wieler

Hi! I'm Pascal, Co-founder of Basepilot. I grew up in Germany. Passionate about AI agents, robotics & outdoor sports 🤖🚵. Studied CS MSc. @CMU MLD & KIT. Previously, I co-founded a robotics startup, did research in robotic manipulation & imitation learning at Carnegie Mellon, and worked on self-driving cars at Mercedes-Benz. Excited to be a part of YC, let's chat!

Pascal Wieler
Pascal Wieler

Company Launches

Hey everyone! We’re Pascal and Ken, here to introduce you to Basepilot.


Basepilot creates AI assistants to automate repetitive and manual work across a browser. We help companies save 30% of their time weekly and cut costs, freeing up resources for more high-value tasks. For example, finance, recruitment, or sales teams can automate mundane back-office tasks within a few clicks and a quick demonstration.

Where Basepilot can help you:

  • Sales - To help automate sales outreach, prospecting, and follow-ups.
  • Recruitment - To help with sourcing candidates and clients, and analyzing and triaging profiles.
  • Finance - To help fill in applications/forms, transfer data, do accounting ops, and update customer details.
  • & any other manual task across your browser!

Problem - 30% of a business’s total time and resources is wasted on mundane repetitive work

Currently, businesses employ teams of knowledge workers (in sales, ops, recruitment, finance, and more) that face a lot of manual and repetitive processes that slow them down. Although critical to get done, these tasks take hours away from doing more high-value work leading to frustration and lower output among teams.

For a business, this results in:

  • 30% of their team’s time wasted on mindless tasks
  • Wasted resources spent on hiring more people to handle the workload
  • Increased error rates through manual boring work

For example, a recruitment firm spends 8+ hours/week per recruiter on repetitive admin work to source candidates, analyze applications and enter data, instead of talking to candidates!

Existing solutions suck!

  • Off-the-shelf tools often don’t work as workflows are very specific to a company.
  • Automating processes with tools like UI Path is extremely expensive, requires specialist automation engineers and takes several weeks or months to set up.

Solution - Automate repetitive tasks in minutes

Basepilot makes it super easy for a business to build and train their own AI employees, enabling anyone in the company to automate their mundane and repetitive work, freeing up time for more high-value tasks.


We designed Basepilot with these core principles in mind:

  • Works where you work: Basepilot works across the tools you already use right in your browser as a Chrome extension. No need to adopt new tools or change your workflows.
  • Teach it like a human: There’s no need to get technical or hire an expensive automation team, simply train your new assistant to complete work, just like you’d teach a human: by showing and telling.
  • Faster ROI (at lower cost): Automate workflows in minutes, not weeks or months. Unlike traditional automation tools, Basepilot can get set up and operational in a fraction of the time & cost.
  • Keep control: Basepilot operates in your tabs, allowing you to check in and see what’s happening in real-time while you focus on more high-value work, e.g. engaging in customer conversations while Basepilot sources new leads in the background.

Meet Ken & Pascal 🇳🇿🇩🇪➡️🇺🇸

Pascal & Ken both independently traveled to San Francisco in the summer of 2023 (from Germany & New Zealand respectively). We came here without knowing each other to explore the startup space and build the future 💪🏼🔨🚀. While in SF, we met through common friends, vibed well, and started working together. We moved across the world to work together in Europe, and got into YC - which brought us back to the city! Super grateful to be back! ❤️😍

We were inspired by the new wave of AI capabilities and are passionate about unlocking more human creativity by automating away the processes we all absolutely despise!

👋 Ask: How you can help

  • Reach out if you have a mundane workflow that you’d wish to be automated! Email us here or if you have 10 minutes to chat, please book a time with us here.
  • Connect us to companies that employ large teams to do repetitive back-office tasks in your network (e.g. logistics, insurance, construction, etc.). Click here.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter/X and join our Discord.

Basepilot is currently in private beta, working closely with early customers. Email us to schedule a demo at founders@basepilot.com or book a time in our calendar. Looking forward to hearing from you!

For more details, visit basepilot.com.

YC Sign Photo

YC Sign Photo