Invest in top Private Equity and Private Credit starting at $10k

Berilium is a digital wealth management platform for investors to access actively managed portfolios of alternative strategies (i.e. private equity, private credit etc.).

Team Size:3
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

Dominic Spinozzi

Dominic Spinozzi
Dominic Spinozzi

Cedric Priscal

Embedded Software developer for 20 years, SDR design for 5 years and 5 years of web and AWS cloud development. Originally from France, I joined NASA in 2012 to help integrating Android phones in Space (PhoneSat), I later on migrated from embedded software to RF and web development (back-end and front-end). When not at work, you will find me on the road on my motorcycle or my 77 VW bus.

Cedric Priscal
Cedric Priscal

Alberto Guillen

Alberto Guillen
Alberto Guillen

Company Launches

Hey everyone!  We’re Alberto, Cedric, and Dominic from Berilium.

TLDR: Top Private Equity and Private Credit funds have performed better and with less risk compared to traditional stock/bond investments.  However, unless you’re writing $1-5 million+ checks, it’s difficult to access these investments.  With Berilium, you can access top private market strategies from marquee firms such as Blackstone and KKR with minimum investments as low as $10k. If you’re interested in investing, apply to invest today!

Why should I care?

  • Higher returns – Private assets have historically outperformed public markets over the long term.
  • Diversification – The S&P500 is dominated by a handful of very large technology companies (4 stocks represent 20% of all the S&P500). There are 10x more private companies than public companies.
  • Inflation hedging – Ability to generate income and invest in assets that appreciate with inflation such as private credit, real estate, and infrastructure.

Who is Berilium for?

  • Long-term investors that care about compounding their wealth and do not have $5 million+ to invest.
  • Those looking to augment investment options beyond public market stocks and bond portfolios from their self-directed accounts and robo-advisor services like Wealthfront.
  • Those who have done one-off private market deals but have no way to access private markets in a systematic way or lack access to top private funds.

Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest?

Yes, you need to be an accredited investor per the SEC’s definition to invest.

Why invest with Berilium?

  • Access - Invest in opportunities previously only available to institutions and ultra-high net worth individuals.
  • Low minimums – Invest starting at $10k.
  • No capital calls – Invest your full amount on day 1 into active deals. You don’t have to wait in cash until your capital is invested.
  • No lengthy lock-ups – Option to redeem your investment any calendar quarter after the first year.
  • Convenient tax reporting – Rather than painful K-1 forms, get standard 1099 tax forms, the same as you get from your regular checking and saving accounts.
  • Transparent – Fees are properly listed, no hidden expenses, straightforward performance communication.

How does it work?

  • You answer a few questions, then we’ll automatically build a custom portfolio - no technical/investment knowledge required.  Just tell us your goals and we’ll build you the right solution to meet them.
  • The underlying investments are managed by some of the largest and most reputable private investment firms such as Blackstone and KKR.
  • We currently have access to over 30 different private market investment strategies that we can combine into a custom portfolio for you.

About Us:

We have done this before – we used to build and manage Private Equity/Private Credit investments for multi-billion dollar institutions such as pension plans and endowments. Now, we are accessing the same investment strategies and applying the same portfolio construction tools but for the benefit of the retail investor.

Our Ask

If you’re interested in investing, apply to invest today!