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Booth AI

Generative AI Photographer for E-Commerce

Booth AI enables companies to supercharge their creative output with a generative-AI powered image production platform. Booth AI replaces complicated, labor intensive, time consuming and expensive commercial product lifestyle photoshoots. Brand managers, merchandisers, and marketers can produce beautiful lifestyle images in a matter of seconds at a fraction of the cost of traditional photoshoots.

Booth AI
Team Size:3
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Nick Locascio

Hi I'm Nick, Founder of Booth AI. I was previously Director of Engineering at Standard AI. MIT '16 grad. I enjoy running, playing sports [baseball, golf], fashion, and playing piano.

Nick Locascio
Nick Locascio
Booth AI

Ian Baldwin

Ian is an ML practitioner with experience across industries, ranging from self-driving cars to cameras on Mars. He has a PhD from Oxford, and has fielded technology at Zoox and NASA. He is a co-founder at Booth.ai, bringing generative machine-learning to e-commerce.

Ian Baldwin
Ian Baldwin
Booth AI

Company Launches

Hi YC 👋

High quality product photography is a must for E-Commerce stores, but it gets costly fast - with an average of $300/SKU for new photography. That’s why Ian and I started Booth.ai to make quality product photography scalable and accessible to sellers of all sizes.


Booth.ai is your personal product photographer, powered by Generative AI. Just describe your photoshoot in text, and we’ll place your product naturally in the generated scene.

🧠 How does it work?

Booth.ai makes incredible Gen AI technology accessible and easy to use. Customers connect their Shopify stores to auto-import all of their products. Then they describe, in text, how they want their product to appear. Booth.ai handles the rest by generating a scene around the product and producing a 4k image. We even support bulk image generation for stores with thousands of SKUs.

🛍️ Who is Booth.ai for?

Our ideal customer profile is an e-commerce business that sells a physical product, and currently spends > $10k yearly on visual imagery. This includes e-commerce aggregators, independent stores on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magenta, FBA, and larger brands with SKU counts that eclipse their photography budgets.

Our asks

  1. If you run an E-Commerce business - reach out, give us a try, and book a demo here! Use our YC-network discount code YC30 for 30% off our plans.
  2. If you know a founder/operator in this space who would be interested in using Booth AI, please connect us to them - founders@booth.ai

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Instant Product Photography with AI

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Booth AI is a B2B SaaS company that offers virtual photoshoot as a service (VPAAS) to e-commerce brands who sell physical goods. Submit basic photos of your product (CPG, apparel, etc), and receive hundreds of high-quality images of it. No more boring white-background photo studios images. Specify your preferred models, locations, and aesthetic with our brand guideline builder.