Workflow Automation for Cloud Operations

Cloudchipr helps engineering and finance teams save time and money by automating cloud operations. With Cloudchipr, teams can schedule different automated workflows that send Slack alerts, build Tableau charts, create Jira tickets, and deactivate unused resources across all major cloud platforms. It’s like Zapier for cloud ops.

Team Size:8
Location:Berlin, Germany
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Ashot Ayvazyan

Ashot is an engineer and entrepreneur with a computer science background and 14 years of experience in the design, implementation, and operations of distributed computing systems based on cloud and bare metal infrastructures. Now he is the Co-founder and CEO at Cloudchipr, which helps companies to reduce their cloud costs with infrastructure optimisation automation workflows.

Ashot Ayvazyan
Ashot Ayvazyan

Suren Marashlyan

Suren is a software engineer and entrepreneur with a math and computer science background. He has 10+ years of experience in computer software design and development. Now he is the Co-founder and VP of Engineering at Cloudchipr, which helps companies to reduce their cloud costs with infrastructure optimization automation workflows.

Suren Marashlyan
Suren Marashlyan

Company Launches

TL;DR Instead of wasting runway on the cloud, sweating about your bottom line and limiting your developers, let Cloudchipr take care of optimizing your cloud usage and getting the most out of it.

Hey everyone we are the founders of Cloudchipr 🙂

Ashot (left) managed some of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world. A distributed computing systems and cloud guru, who can smell coffee ☕ and sniff expensive infrastructures 📈 from at least 1000 feet away 😄

Suren (right) worked on platforms serving 100,000,000s users from all over the world while at Picsart, AWS and Wayfair. A foodie with the power of Spring Boot as his spirit animal 🐩 😄

We got a lot of battle scars figuring out what’s the best way to operate your cloud. Now we’ve built Cloudchipr so that you don’t have to! 🚀

The Problem

All clouds make it very easy to start using resources. That’s how they are designed and that’s why they won. Problem is, that freedom very quickly turns into a mess eventually hurting the bottom line and becoming an operational hurdle.

Where it hurts Product and Engineering:

  • Services and resources sprawl out of control across various geographies and cloud regions.
  • Resources get wasted to ensure developer convenience (dev machines run over weekends, holidays and non-working hours alike).
  • Routine operational maintenance becomes a burden and a time consuming activity for expensive DevOps and SRE engineers.
  • Every launched resource in the cloud becomes a monument - once it’s there no one risks to touch and it lingers around forever.

Where it hurts the Business side:

  • Accountability and trackability becomes an issue: ask any series B (or later stage) company startup CFO how much a particular project costs on a cloud and see them roll their eyes.
  • Cloud is treated as a black box. Although being one of the largest cost centres finance has little visibility into what is actually going on. They are expected to foot the bill with 0 insights or understanding how the money is actually spent.
  • Very hard to forecast spend and act on if it gets out of hand.

🪄 The Solution

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Cloudchipr is an AWS qualified SaaS platform (we also support GCP and Azure) which provides a suite of powerful tools for cost tracking, resource management, and automation. It simplifies cloud operations, streamlines DevOps workflows while giving financial visibiliy, predictability and control.

Cost Optimization by granular cost tracking and reporting. It allows to monitor cloud expenses in real-time and optimize their usage to reduce waste.

Resource Management: Cloudchipr provides a centralized dashboard that provides full visibility into their cloud infrastructure across all geographies and cloud regions.

Automation workflows: Cloudchipr's automation features enable teams to streamline their DevOps workflows and automate routine operational tasks. With Cloudchipr, businesses can set up notifications and actions based on their criteria and free up valuable time and resources for other important tasks.

For example:

  • If a resource is underutilized, Cloudchipr will notify the owner to take an action.
  • If there are resources without an owner, a slack message will be sent.
  • Stops expensive GPU nodes based on configurable usage criteria (e.g. idle more than 3 hours)
  • Stops/Starts the selected dev databases and virtual machines at night and on weekends
  • Takes care about resources being properly tagged.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: It’s 2023, so you should be able to talk to your cloud and your cloud should talk back!  We are launching the first version of CloudChat - an interactive Natural-Language interface for querying, reporting and setting automations for your cloud.

Cloudchipr automates the cloud cost saving and reporting, and helps the finance and engineering departments save money and time by removing the friction around the costs saving. We do that by automation workflows which constantly check all the cloud resources, take configurable actions and report about the progress.

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