Risk Infra for SaaS companies and Fintechs that Underwrite SMBs

Coris is a Risk API for SaaS companies and Fintechs that underwrite SMBs. We built the risk systems at eBay, PayPal, WePay, and Google. Leveraging our expertise, we were able to build the product in less than 3 months, launch it within few weeks, and already have live pilots with companies such as Housecall Pro and Wave Accounting

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Vinodh Poyyapakkam

Payments Fraud, SMB, Risk & Compliance. Prev: Google, WePay, Paysafe, PayPal, Accenture

Vinodh Poyyapakkam
Vinodh Poyyapakkam

Shyam Maddali

ex-WePay, ex-eBay

Shyam Maddali
Shyam Maddali

Company Launches

Coris is a Risk API for Fintechs that underwrite SMBs

Hi everyone !

This is Shyam and Vinodh from Coris. We are super stoked to share with y’all what we are building.


Shyam and I have spent last 20+ years at companies such as eBay, PayPal, WePay/JPMC (YC S09) and Google managing small business risk for payments and lending products. Two of the biggest problems we faced were in gaining a solid understanding of what a SMB does at the time of underwriting and continuing to keep a tab externally on how they operate.


Traditional bureaus hardly help with small business credit risk assessment given their abysmal coverage of small businesses, lack of predictive data, painful integrations, and expensive products. Fintechs especially struggle to get the right data on quality of a small business to accurately assess credit exposure

While payments data and bank-level financial data have helped somewhat in recent times to fill the void in SMB underwriting, they still miss some huge signals on how a business operates. Biggest problem is lot of valuable data on a business remain unstructured in the open internet for models/rules to consume

Also once a small business is approved for payments, lending or another credit product, most companies are in dark about them until they see chargebacks come in or see missed payments


We believe there is tremendous potential for alternative credit-relevant data in SMB risk management. With that said, we have two products to start with:

  1. Alternative data on every SMB in the US through one developer-first API - Licensing details, Website Professionalism signals, Online Reviews based signals, Business Incorporation details, and Local Inspection data
  2. Monitoring of small businesses across various online/offline surfaces and raise an alert for action when a business deterioration/failure is suspected, much before chargebacks or defaults start happening

Our Asks

  1. If you are running a Fintech/Platform and serve SMBs in the US, we would love to get your direct feedback on what we are building. Even better, sign up to our beta here !
  2. Connect us to platforms/companies that might benefit from what we are building or for us to learn from
  3. Feel free to say hi at founders@coris.ai ! We love riffing on SMB underwriting/fraud/KYB and talk shop on where the industry is heading
  4. Last but not the least, please share this post ! Please help spread the word on how we are looking to make life easier for Fintechs to serve their SMB customers !!