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Why you should join Crew

In short : Crew is Superhuman for recruiting

Our mission is to build a super powerful and exceptionally delightful All-in-One recruitment platform, that empowers recruiters and leaders to source, engage, and close best candidates.

If you think about it, teams define the success of any project. Vostok (1st flight in space πŸš€), Apollo 11 (1st step on the moon 🌚), Apple, Tesla, Stripe... All made possible thanks to the amazing teams behind them. To reach the moon, you need the best crew, right? πŸ˜‰

But here is the thing : long gone are the days when recruiters would just post a job ad online and wait for incoming applications. Today recruiters need to actively seek out the best candidates, provide a great experience, nurture relationships and create a solid employer brand. Which takes a lot of time, effort, and tool switching (between excel, gmail, slack, LinkedIn, calendar, ATS...). That’s where Crew comes in. We are reinventing the whole recruiting stack from the ground up, crafting a breakthrough platform that do it all (no more switching), with a lot of automations (no more repetitive tasks), and centralizing all the data in one place.

And we are going fast ! We started the project with the eFounders startup studio, opened the beta to a handful of users few months ago, went through Y Combinator (Stripe, Airbnb, Dropbox...), and raised our seed round with top tier US & European investors.

The team

"Small teams of highly talented people can do incredible thingsemphasized text" - @rahulvohra

We believe that too, we are a small team of doers, and we are currently looking for our 1st Product Manager to join the Crew πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ led by Amine (CEO) & Mohamed (CTO), and the rest of our awesome team

Team Size:6
Location:Paris, France
Amine Skalli
Amine Skalli