The global mobile network for business.

Devyce is building the global mobile network for business. Right now, we give your employees a business phone number in an app, on their personal phone, instantly, alongside a portal for analytics, management and integrations. Nick has a background in recruiting and real estate and understands the pain points these industries face with hybrid working, while Ed has a solid tech background including a CS degree from Cambridge. Because of our relationship with a mobile network operator, we have the unfair advantage that we will actually become a mobile network, unlike other SaaS VoIP providers. https://devyce.com/

Team Size:14
Location:London, United Kingdom

Active Founders

Nick Browne

Nick has spent the last 4 years working in telecoms as VP of Business Development for Stour Marine a UK Mobile Network Operator. Before entering the technology space he spent several years in finance at Deutsche Bank and HSBC.

Nick Browne
Nick Browne

Edward Clayton

I'm a developer from Lancashire, England. I've lived in London for the last 20 years or so, except for some overseas stints (I'm currently in Kazakhstan). I've a knack for interesting technical solutions, but besides that, I enjoy skiing and wine. Most of my career has involved C#, which I guess is what comes from working in finance in London.

Edward Clayton
Edward Clayton

Company Launches

We’re Nick and Ed, and we’re building Devyce - the business phone system for hybrid workers across the UK, Europe and worldwide. Want to get started with a UK mobile number right now? Download us from the App Store or Play Store and sign up in-app

The Problem 🚩

Companies have three ways of getting phone calls to and from remote, hybrid, and offsite workers:

  • They can give their employees a costly second handset 📱📱
  • They can require that their employees use their personal number for work calls, hitting their privacy (and possibly regulatory requirements)🕵️
  • They can persevere with a legacy office phone system, with the configuration difficulties and poor quality mobile apps that come with it 📟 - on top of a 50% typical missed call rate.

In all of these cases, companies struggle to understand user behaviour and performance, and they risk customer loss if an employee leaves.

The Devyce Solution⚗️

Devyce customers use a portal to instantly allocate (and deallocate) numbers to employees, auto-attendants and call groups. They see calling stats and have the option to record calls and view a detailed call history.

  • Our monthly charge of around $20 per user is significantly lower than the price of a second handset.🪙
  • Users can be given one or many mobile or landline numbers instantly, from the UK, several European countries, and the US. 🌍
  • Our product is designed for mobile first, and our apps get fantastic App Store and Play Store reviews. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our Magic Beans 🪄

Devyce has a close relationship with a UK mobile network operator. This not only gives us unbeatably low call costs (we’re paid to receive calls), but as we are expanding it lets us overcome regulatory issues in territories outside the UK.

Our tech’s second to none. We’re not just building a phone system, we’re redefining what it does. With automated call summarization, CRM integrations and smart call routing all in development we’re delighting both our customers and their customers. We’re reducing the number of missed calls, which means our customers get more sales opportunities and win twice by switching to us.

Our Story 📖

Nick’s background is in investment banking. However, while studying for his qualifications, he dabbled briefly in both real estate and recruitment. This gave him an insight into the pain points faced by both of those phone-intensive businesses, something that stayed with him until the opportunity to fix it arose.

Ed graduated from Cambridge with a Computer Science degree in 2004. He worked for some of the most selective London tech companies such as Softwire and G-Research, before moving to Vietnam for a few years and doing some freelance mobile development (as well as dabbling in VoIP).

We met through a mutual friend, Leo Bartle, who owns the aforementioned UK mobile network. Leo’s turned that network around from near bankruptcy, and it now supplies numbers to companies such as Salesforce and Google. He runs the mobile network day-to-day, and works closely with us through that as an increasingly active co-founder.

Get Devyce

We’ve been selling for a year and a half, so our core telephone offering is reasonably mature and stable. You can sign up via our website for our multi-user packages, but if you want a second UK mobile number instantly you can just get the app from the App Store or Play Store and sign up through that.

If you’d like a European or other number then let us know at founders@devyce.com and we’ll hook you up.

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