Open-source customer engagement

Dittofeed is a developer-focused, open-source alternative to platforms like Klaviyo and Customer.io. We pair Retool-like versioning and testing tools with marketing campaign software. Our users are growth teams across industries like finance, hr, and health, who love our product because it saves them time and increases customer engagement, while also improving data compliance through self-hosting.

Team Size:2
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Chandler Craig

Startup marketer, music marketer, full-stack engineer, and open-source proponent. Cofounder of Dittofeed, making the marketing software experience better for growth engineers and marketing ops.

Chandler Craig
Chandler Craig

Maxwell Gurewitz

Max led major engineering initiatives at Braze, a leading marketing automation company.

Maxwell Gurewitz
Maxwell Gurewitz

Company Launches

Tl;dr: Dittofeed is a developer-focused, open-source alternative to platforms like Iterable and Customer.io. Dittofeed’s streamlined developer experience allows growth engineers to send better-performing marketing messages. Additionally, self-hosting Dittofeed delivers large cost savings to power users who are constrained by existing providers’ volume-based pricing.

Hi everyone, we’re Max and Chandler, and we're equipping the next generation of technical growth teams with the tools they need to ensure their marketing messages look great and get delivered correctly.

The Problem: Customer engagement platforms are expensive and error-prone.

If you’ve ever received marketing emails with broken links, or opted out of a company’s texts, only to receive an “exclusive offer” text the next day, there’s a reason. And it’s not (for the most part) because growth teams are bad at their job.

Current customer engagement platforms give growth teams the low-code tools they need to automate marketing messages at scale, but none of the technical tools they need to make sure they’re sending the right messages, to the right customers, at the right time. This results in reduced customer conversion and retention rates, as well as frustrated growth engineers.

The Solution: An open-source customer engagement platform that empowers growth engineers.

Growth teams are becoming increasingly technical, and with that, comes a huge potential for fixing buggy marketing messages. We’re building a future where growth engineers can finally version control email templates and test messaging automations in CI, and where, simultaneously, non-technical growth team members still have access to the low-code tools they’re comfortable with.

Using Dittofeed, you get industry-standard features like a drag-and-drop customer journey builder, a segmentation interface, and a web-based template editor, helpful for non-technical marketers. You ALSO get technical features like:

  • git-based workflows 😎
  • a first-in-class testing SDK 🤯
  • an OpenTelemetry integration 🥳
  • a self-hostable platform 🥹

Set your growth engineers up for success. Retain more customers. Save money. Everyone wins!

Jest Test Example

Journey Builder Example Workflow

Companies using Dittofeed can:

  1. Save up to thousands of dollars a month by self-hosting, avoiding volume-based pricing.
  2. Reliably build high conversion, high-retention marketing campaigns.
  3. Make their growth engineers happier.

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