Enabling OEMs, distributors, and dealers to sell more vehicles in the…

Using Ekho’s licensed, white-label integration, our partners unlock market coverage and enable buyers to complete checkout, financing, payment, insurance, and titling & registration in a matter of minutes — all automated and online, without a single visit to the DMV.

Jobs at Ekho

New York, NY, US
$115K - $190K
3+ years
Team Size:10
Location:New York
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Christopher Howard

Cofounder at Ekho Dealer. Previously ML at Meta. Stanford computer science bachelors and masters.

Christopher Howard
Christopher Howard

Rowan Mockler

Cofounder at Ekho Dealer. Previously product at Duolingo. Stanford computer science grad.

Rowan Mockler
Rowan Mockler

Company Launches

TL;DR We’re a licensed, full-stack distribution solution enabling OEMs to compliantly sell vehicles in the U.S. through their websites, instantly unlocking market coverage.

Hi everyone, we’re Rowan and Chris - the team behind Ekho Dealer!

The problem ❌

It's legally and logistically complex for vehicle manufacturers and distributors to sell their vehicles online:

  • Franchise laws mandate that new vehicle sales must be made through a licensed dealer
  • Traditional dealers lack online sales support and take 20-30%+ commission
  • It is illegal for manufacturers to sell vehicles directly to consumers in most states
  • In states allowing direct sales, it’s expensive and difficult to operate compliantly

Our solution 🏁

Ekho Dealer enables manufacturers to compliantly sell their vehicles online by making it easy to integrate our licensed, full-stack distribution solution into their websites.

With Ekho Dealer enabled, vehicle buyers are able to select a vehicle on a manufacturer’s website and complete the entire purchase process online in minutes. This includes financing, insurance, titling, registering, and scheduling the delivery of their new vehicle (all without visiting a physical dealership).

How it works 🛠️

On the backend, we take care of all the complicated regulatory requirements that come with selling vehicles online. This includes calculating and collecting sales tax, filing registration/titling forms and fees with the DMV, maintaining a portfolio of licenses, and complying with lending regulations when providing financing. On the front end, our website integrations leverage our infrastructure to compliantly process vehicle sales.

Our backstory 🪞

  • Rowan and Chris met at Stanford where they both studied computer science
  • They built a bunch of fun stuff together while in college
  • Rowan is from South Africa, is a world champion public speaker, and previously worked on the product team at Duolingo
  • Chris is from Atlanta, is a published researcher, and previously worked as a Machine Learning Engineer at Meta

Our ask 🙏

  1. If you know someone in vehicle manufacturing (motorcycles, cars, RVs, trailers, ATVs, UTVs, LEVs, NEVs, golf carts, snowmobiles, etc.), ping us at founders@ekhodealer.com or direct them to our inbound form if you think they’ll find this interesting
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